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They Finally Have Wine Suited For Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Binges

People love their wine, and they love their Game of Thrones. And it seems that most characters in the Game of Thrones love their wine, as well. Seriously, how did it take HBO so long to come out with a selection of wines based off this show? It may have taken six seasons, but you can finally indulge yourself on these enticing beverages this spring. The question is, which of the three vinos will you choose?

If something dark and robust calls your name, then the Red Blend may be the choice for you. This is the kind of wine to gulp down with a feast, like one of the many in the GOT series (maybe not like the Red Wedding though…). Or sip it along with the members of the small council to bring out your intellectual side that rivals Littlefinger and the Spider. It’s offered for $20 per bottle.

Maybe a lighter, more refined vintage sings to you. Try out the Chardonnay, the very embodiment of spring, and forget about the fact that “winter is coming.” It is also offered for $20.

Game of thrones wine

Or you can give yourself the ultimate indulgence with a complex Cabernet Sauvignon that the website boasts is “worthy of the iron throne.” Such a regal drink comes at a more hefty cost of $50 a pop. That hits the bank account a little harder, but it could be worth buying at least once (the author of this article plans on shamelessly doing so).

You won’t know until you try it if you’re simply buying a label rather than a truly good wine. However, you can take heart in the fact that Bob Cabral, a very experienced winemaker, meticulously crafted these wines. Just make sure you take it easy if you decide to drink along with your favorite Game of Thrones character. Especially if that character is Tyrion Lannister. The Imp may be small, but he is mighty when it comes to the art of wine drinking.

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