Celeb Panels at FanExpo Dallas

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Man oh man, has this been one heck of a Geek-filled ride. While David and I are enjoying every minute of FanExpo Dallas 2023, on Saturday we got a double treat that was just too damn cool.

First up, a panel with none other than Kraglin himself, Sean Gunn. The event started off kind of cute as Sean was running a little late and the host pretended to be him and answered some of the first few questions as Sean until Sean really arrived. Don’t worry though, those guests did get to ask the real Sean too.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, celeb panels at fanexpo dallas, entertainment

The event was PACKED and there was a long line of people asking questions and while I wanted to ask about Belko Experiment, I didn’t make it in line. That being said, a LOT of people asked about Gilmore Girls (I had no idea he was in that as I’ve never watched an episode of that show) and of course, Guardians of the Galaxy.

One of the best questions came from a young fan that stumped Sean with what he called an “easy question.”

Could Kraglin win in a fight against Star-Lord?

Sean admitted he had never been asked that one and sat for a moment in thought before turning the question around and asking the kid what he thought.

It was a cute exchange and the even was really cool to attend. However, there were a couple of Disney assassins in the audience and he couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us anything about Kraglin’s future in the MCU.


The next panel was one of the biggest highlights that I personally wanted to attend. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I had forgotten about this podcast and when I learned that we’d basically be a “live studio audience,” I was rather excited.

Before they came on stage, the host advised us that the following Monday was Jason Mewes’ (Jay) birthday and we concocted a plan to sing to him the first few times he started to speak. Which you can check out here.

This podcast originally started in order to help Mews get and stay clean, which he now has 14 years sober under his belt and has 2 young children he strives to live for. Even more surprising, Kevin revealed that he hadn’t smoked weed in like 18 weeks or something and it was his first Smodcast without being stoned.

Congrats to them both!

Next, was absolutely hilarious. Paul Walter Hauser joined the guys on stage for a table read of their Quick Stop comic but this was no ordinary reading.

Kevin was the “director/narrator” since Silent Bob is, well, silent, and Hauser did the voice of Holden… but… well… watch and see.

There was some more great content but unfortunately, my battery died and I couldn’t snag all the video but here’s a clip of the actual read.

The show was only supposed to roll for 1.5 hours but everyone was having so much fun, it crested 2 hours easily.

I’ve been a huge fan of Kevin Smith allllll the way back to the release of Clerks and have seen every ViewAskew movie at least 4 or 5 times and it was a thrill to see the guys in person.

I just wish I had tried to be a part of the read with my impersonation of Karl from Slingblade.

“I like them biscuits and mustard.”

If you haven’t already done so, check out their “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” podcast. If it’s anything like the show at FanExpo Dallas, it’s definitely worth a subscription/follow.

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