How technology helps enhance your makeup skills

How Technology Helps Enhance Your Makeup Skills

The constantly evolving makeup industry could be slightly overwhelming for people who don’t have such stable hands when it comes to dollying up. Don’t worry, the latest AI powered technologies are here to help. Read along to find out how.

The truth about subscription fees

The Truth About Subscription Fees

Ahh subscription fees. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and get delivered in different ways. Some subscription fees are small and you are aware what you are signing up for. Others appear small and then the fine print locks you into three months of payment, unbeknownst to you. You look at your bank…

The science behind why we heart emoji

The Science Behind Why We Heart Emoji

The early 2000s saw the decline of MSN, AOL instant messenger, and N*SYNC, and chat software had its own Justin Timberlake: emoji. The tiny pixel images that make up emoji have had their rebirth from the days of cringe-worthy MSN styles into today’s iconic iPhone set. Twitter now supports emoji for non-iPhone users and desktops. Instagram supports…