Things to know before buying an electric skateboard

Things To Know Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard is a demand on the rise, and many are enjoying the ability to decrease their fuel expenses. Regardless of style, functions, or brand, there are many things to know before buying an electric skateboard. These simple but effective tips can optimize your shopping and owning experience. Let’s take a closer look!

Motor Type

The two types to consider are belt-driven or hub systems when it comes to the motor. Initially, the belt-driven system was the most common motor style. But over time and market evolution, many riders expressed interest in a hub-style motor. Hub systems require decreased maintenance demands and enable riders to kick-push.

Charge Rates

Monitoring charge rates, speed, and range are essential for all electric skateboards. A good rule of thumb to follow when researching board limits is to use the lower number featured on the specifications. Many companies are not factoring in the varying weights of riders, which plays a significant role in the board’s performance.

Deck Style and Material

Most often, decks are carbon fiber or bamboo. This is essential to know because it’ll house the motoring system in addition to your weight. If a deck uses a non-sturdy material, it’s worth moving on from to find something better. If you’re somebody always on the go and need user convenience, you can find a backpack e-skateboard all in one, enabling you to carry one less item.

Weight Capacity

A critical thing to know before buying an electric skateboard is the board’s weight capacity. Refer to that make’s specifications to ensure it can withstand your build. Also, factor in that your weight may slow the board’s motor. You may also look for how the company calculated its specifications, and if that’s not available, follow up with customer support for certainty.

Repair Demands

You must have an awareness of the repair demands for your board. In most cases, the vendor or brand will offer a specific place to purchase replacement parts and additional tools. You may also want to consider a warranty program to protect your investment. Abiding by a routine maintenance schedule can keep you ahead of any significant issues that may become safety hazards while riding.


Understanding an electric skateboard’s power is essential, which comes down to its wattage. An easy way to remember its wattage efforts is the less wattage available, the less power it will have. A small amount of overall power will result in less torque and reduced speeds. If you intend to ride your skateboard in an area with many variations and hills, you will want to consider a board with a minimum of 1500 watts.

There are many reasons to find a modified mode of transportation, especially with the rise in expenses. With many electric options on the market, remember to consider all the possibilities on an electric skateboard, especially if you prefer boarding already!

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