Things to know about cannabis legalization

Things To Know About Cannabis Legalization

With more and more people turning to cannabis products as marijuana’s legal status changes, there are a few things to know before making any assumptions. When consuming cannabis products, it’s essential to abide by local regulations to ensure a safe and ethical experience. Let’s look at the essential things to know about cannabis legalization to help make your journey safe!

Medical Marijuana Use

Various medical conditions qualify a person for a medical marijuana card. This card permits you to purchase and consume cannabis products sold at a licensed dispensary. A core reason for cannabis’s growing popularity is that it benefits many conditions, including Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, severe nausea, anxiety disorders, and chronic pain. It’s essential to refer to your state’s laws because marijuana and CBD have different restrictions. For example, in Pennsylvania, marijuana is only legal for medical purposes, so those with health conditions that would benefit from its use can apply for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card online.

Recreational Marijuana Use

Recreational marijuana use does not require a medical purpose for consumption. The federal and state regulations regarding recreational use have been debated for decades, but the conversation has recently become a top priority. At the federal level, it is illegal. However, there are currently 19 states that allow recreational use without significant consequences.

Age Requirements for Purchasing

No matter the state and its specific legal parameters for marijuana, every consumer wanting to purchase or consume marijuana must be 21 years old. There is some discussion about lowering this age restriction, but there is no jurisdiction leniency in this ruling.

Rules of the Road Still Apply

The rules for driving while inebriated still apply. Just as you can’t operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, you can’t drive after smoking marijuana. You are more likely to put yourself and others in harm’s way with impaired vision and reduced cognitive abilities.

Public Intoxication

Another thing to know about cannabis legalization is that you cannot smoke or consume in an open public setting. It might feel natural to smoke while walking down the sidewalk like you would with a cigarette. But because of drastically different legal parameters, you must partake in private. It’s best to consider staying home for all marijuana-related activities.

For veteran users of cannabis products, the legalization process is not new. But for those just now peeling back the curtain, try to move forward with mindfulness regarding the process, and remember that your safety should always be a top priority.

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