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Best Website for Mario Games

Originally the Mario was not Mario. His name was Jumpman. The game, however, became famous sooner than we thought and locals began to play it frequently. It was a matter of a few months that this game emerged as one of the most played series in the gaming industry. The popularity stayed in the market for almost three years. After 3 years though, we released another Mario game which also cast Luigi, Mario’s brother. Super Mario Brothers marked an end to this lineup of the Mario series.

The game is set in a place called the “Mushroom Kingdom,” and the main character, Mario, is a plumber who has to go through different quests to rescue the kingdom’s princess. Mario is a very famous fantasy character. Two hundred sequels have featured him already. Mario has genuine look and features. He doesn’t seem like a modern-day cartoon hero or character in general. His character and features are very appealing, especially for kids and teenagers. The storyline of the game is not so complex either. The overall graphics and animation puts life into the game and the appearance of Mario is icing on top of the cake.

Unfair mario

Nintendo was the company who originally owned the Mario gaming lineup. However, all the games are now easily available your own web browser, if you want to play more games you can visit You don’t have to pay any price to play these little fun games. Nowadays, several websites feature Mario games. We have accumulated the best and legit Mario Flash Games all within our website. All you have to do to access the game is just click on them and wait for it to load. Once loading is complete, you can play the game for hours and hours seamlessly. Even if you run out of your internet package while playing the game, it won’t stop. You do need internet in order to load the game, but once that is finished, you can play without it as well.


If you are a really big fan of playing games on the web, our best pick for you is Super Mario Flash.

However, if you are aware of characters like Zelda or Contra and you adore them too you can play with them in Super Mario Crossover. Every character in our games comes with its own set of expertise. The hero, Mario, his brother Luigi, the villains and all the super powers have some sort of roles in the game.


Our featured games, such as the Infinite Mario, are endless. They have no storyline which makes the game unpredictable, yet more fun. Our other popular game lineups include:

Super Mario Crossover
Super Mario Crossover 2
Super Mario Crossover 3
Super Mario World Flash 2
Super Mario 63
Super Mario Flash 2

We are working on our website on a daily basis and many new games are coming out very soon.

We are aware of the fact that modern-day gaming technology offers far more than what we do. These days, high-end graphics are the in thing. Also, gamers, in general, tend to play those games which have a broad story line and unique settings. While many of our critics accuse us of not having any of these features, they forget one thing. Firstly, we provide “online” gaming experience. These popular games are not available on the web 100% same as they are available in the market. Our games are free; you can play them any time. You don’t have to go to the market, buy our product and then hope it works. One click and our game will launch.

Apart from the cost aspect, not every system can play these games. While these games offer some heavy visuals, they also require heavy devices to run them. You need a ton of space to download or to just simply play these games. Not every computer can support them. Our games, on the other hand, require no special setup or hardware. The only thing needed to play Mario games is Adobe Flash player which is compatible with even the most outdated systems.

We put time and dedication in our sites to make sure that our games are available for any user that wished to play them. We have the most friendly interface and easy steps to launching games. Check out our website. We guarantee you will come back again.

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