Google drive no longer hosts files in multiple locations: here’s what to do

Google Drive No Longer Hosts Files in Multiple Locations: Here’s What to Do

If you save similar files in different locations on Google Drive, the latest update will help you organize them better. Google Drive’s latest update makes file organizing less confusing by duplicating similar files as shortcuts. Here’s everything you need to know about the update and how it will impact workflow. The Google Drive Update The…

How to animate a still slide background in microsoft powerpoint

How to Animate a Still Slide Background in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to improve the Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow appearance, work on the background by using a unique pattern, gradient, color, or inserting an image. Similarly, you can animate the background to make it more appealing. Creating a still slide background is easy if you use Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac. The feature adds subtle movements…

How to see the samsung privacy dashboard

How to See the Samsung Privacy Dashboard

Samsung devices also have the “Privacy Dashboard” feature introduced in Android 12. As the name suggests, the feature holds all your privacy-related things on your phone. So, you can tell which apps are running on your device and the permissions they’re using. However, the feature is not called “Privacy Dashboard” in Samsung devices. The manufacturer…

How to add borders and color to paragraphs in google docs

How to Add Borders and Color to Paragraphs in Google Docs

If you want your text to stand out in Google Docs, highlight important information with color, format accordingly, use a specific font, or add shading and borders to your paragraphs. You could have a report that requires a border around a block of text or an instructional document requiring some coloring on an essential text….