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Quick Guide: How to Use Instagram’s AI Backdrop App

Step 1: Grab Your Phone and Launch Instagram

First things first, you’ll need to open up Instagram on your phone. Remember, you’re a tech wizard about to manipulate reality with a few taps. So, grab your magical device and tap on the colorful Instagram icon.

Step 2: Let’s Get Ready to Story

Now that you’re on Instagram, let’s dive into the realm of Stories. See that plus sign icon at the top left? Tap on it and then select ‘Story’. It’s time to let the magic begin!

Step 3: Enter the AI Universe

Here’s where the magic happens. Look for the magic wand icon that says ‘Effects’. Tap on it and now scroll to the very end of the effects until you see an icon named ‘Browse Effects’. Tap on that to enter into a universe of AI effects.

Step 4: Pick Your AI Backdrop

In the search bar at the top, type in ‘Green Screen’. Instagram will pull up a bunch of green screen effects, but you’ll want to select the one by Instagram themselves. Tap on it and then hit the ‘Try It’ button.

Step 5: Choose Your Reality

Your AI backdrop is ready to roll. Tap the add media button (it looks like a little square with a corner folded) and choose a photo or video from your library. The AI will do its magic and boom – you’ve got yourself a new reality!

Wrap it up by adding text, stickers, or doodles to your story. Once you’re satisfied, you can share it with your followers or add it to highlights. Welcome to the future of storytelling, courtesy of Instagram’s AI backdrop!

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