Amd chips vulnerable to zenbleed attacks 

AMD Chips Vulnerable to Zenbleed Attacks 

Discover the details of the newly identified security threat, Zenbleed, that targets AMD processors. Learn how this attack exploits the Simultaneous Multithreading technology, and the steps AMD is taking to combat this issue. Includes information on which devices are susceptible and what users can do to stay protected.

Conquering the beast: a comprehensive guide to fixing system error 5 in windows

Conquering the Beast: A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing System Error 5 in Windows

Struggling with the dreaded “System Error 5: Access Denied” message on your Windows machine? Hang tight, we’ve got your geeky guide to troubleshoot this issue step by step, from running Command Prompt as admin to diving into the system’s Local Users and Groups Manager. We’ll even walk you through a careful registry tweak. No need for an IT SOS with this guide in your toolkit!

Battling the bad bots

Battling the Bad Bots

Learn about bots malicious activities, their impact on our digital lives, and the tech-savvy solutions we can employ to combat them. Join us in our mission to eradicate these digital parasites and make the internet a safer place!

Greek mythology overview

Greek Mythology Overview

Greek mythology is all around us to this day. Do you know the Greek Gods and what their powers/responsibilities were? If not, check out our guide

Quick guide: fixing the ‘windows was unable to complete the format’ error

Quick Guide: Fixing the ‘Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format’ Error

In this quick and easy guide, we walk you through the steps to fix the ‘Windows was unable to complete the format’ error that often occurs with USBs, SD cards, and other storage devices. From checking for physical damage to removing write protection, identifying bad sectors, scanning for viruses, and finally, formatting your device, we’ve got you covered.

Apple magic trackpad: a comprehensive guide

Apple Magic Trackpad: A Comprehensive Guide

I love my Magic Trackpad. I also love my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even still use an old iPod (albeit for a controller for a medical implant). I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with Microsoft products for over 2 decades. My online life started in 1998 with an old Windows computer and from that moment until…

Steam error 16: what is it and how do i fix it?

Steam Error 16: What Is It and How Do I Fix It?

Are you dealing with Steam Error 16? This can be a frustrating issue, as it prevents users from accessing their favorite games and applications. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to resolve this error quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll discuss what Steam Error 16 is and how to fix it. …

Roe kapara shares unconventional love song 

Roe Kapara Shares Unconventional Love Song 

 “BEFORE WE CROAK” FEAT. CHEVY  ON TOUR WITH DURRY STARTING NOV.2  St. Louis born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Roe Kapara is on a mission to spread his addicting blend of alt-rock, indie, and dream pop with razor-sharp lyricism to the masses, and 260K+ followers and 4.6M likes on TikTok show that the young musician is well on…

How to spot scams on amazon

How to Spot Scams on Amazon

Online shopping has become a popular way to purchase goods and services. One of the most well-known online stores is Amazon, which offers customers a wide range of products from books to electronics at competitive prices. However, with the rise in e-commerce purchases comes an increase in scams and fake sellers on the platform. To…