9 reasons why social media is good for you

9 Reasons Why Social Media Is GOOD for You

The media has relentlessly portrayed social media badly, making users take it for granted nowadays.  You must have heard discussions on the significant time we waste when glued to these platforms. Some find social media biased and full of toxic and meaningless arguments.  All these are negativities associated with social media, but they’re all controllable….

8 sites to find jobs at purposeful organizations

8 Sites to Find Jobs at Purposeful Organizations

Don’t be held in that workplace forever just because you have bills to pay. You can find a better workplace where you’ll feel motivated to make a difference.  There are numerous job positions to fill in purpose-driven organizations, including programmer, designer, accountant, etc. Besides, you don’t need exceptional environmental science or sustainability qualifications to land…

8 essential smart home products every house needs

8 ESSENTIAL Smart Home Products Every House Needs

There are good reasons to become a smart home bandwagon. You easily control your home while saving significant time and money. But what makes your home smart?  Smart technology is growing by the day, broadening device selection more than ever before. We seek to cut the research time down for you, so we’ve highlighted eight…

8 reasons why it’s always better to buy electronics in person

8 Reasons Why It’s ALWAYS Better to Buy Electronics in Person

Online shopping is booming, and in just a few clicks, you expect orders to arrive in the mail. However, there remains some merit in physically visiting the store and making purchases, especially when it involves electronics.   Even if you like the convenience of online shopping, physically visiting a store to buy electronics is beneficial…

7 things alexa can do that google home can’t 

7 Things Alexa Can Do That Google Home Can’t 

If you’re stuck between Google home assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, you’ve come to the right place. Both home assistants can help you accomplish a lot, but we’ve highlighted a few things you can achieve with Alexa.  The Amazon Echo is part of innovative high-tech products released in the previous decade. The company markets it as…

7 reasons you should not buy a nintendo switch

7 Reasons You Should NOT Buy a Nintendo Switch

Shelve the idea of buying a Nintendo Switch and instead find a better use for your money. Sure, the Nintendo Switch is popular thanks to its exclusive games and unique play. The best-selling Nintendo console includes the Switch and the Lite/OLED variant.  While Switch is among the best-selling consoles, it has its shortcomings. We’ve highlighted…

7 quick sites that let you check if a link is safe

7 QUICK Sites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

Use link checkers to ensure that the link you’re about to click is not malware. Whether the link comes from a friend or colleague, clinking recklessly on unknown links is unwise.  Ransomware is one of the common security issues these days, and the main contributor to the rapid spread is people clicking dangerous links, mainly…

8 things to do if your phone is lost or stolen

8 Things to Do if Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

You need to take prompt action immediately after your phone is lost or stolen. If the device falls into the wrong hands, your sensitive information, work documents, financial details, and passwords can get compromised. However, you can limit the potential damage to the physical device if you take the necessary steps promptly. If your lost…