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Ambush Mosquito Trap – Regain Your Outdoors

Spring has sprung and so have all the nasty little biting insects. Some of us Geeks have really sensitive and soft skin that becomes the tasty dish for mosquitos. I personally hate the spray repellents because it leaves a residue on my skin and I have to watch for colorfastness on my clothes, but the smell also bothers me. What can I say? I have sensory issues. I am also fed up with the itchy welts and my poor dogs are suffering just as badly.

I probably could have gone and bought a traditional bug zapper but I’m not very keen on the loud buzz and eventual loud ZAP of fried mosquitos either. I went looking for an alternative and found AMBUSH MOSQUITO TRAP. Truthfully, I might have looked for a cheaper alternative except I’d read the reviews and did some online comparisons between this product to similar products in the market.

When I sent an email enquiry, they responded within a couple of hours (if that) and the tone was professional, courteous, and helpful. That helped with my purchase decision. I went with the Ambush Mosquito Trap to see if this was legit. Worst case scenario, there was a 30-day money back guarantee. (psst! I didn’t need it.)

Putting the Ambush Mosquito Trap Together

It was a little bigger than I expected it to be, but the housing is solid and very easy to use. Putting the mosquito trap together was about as simple and easy as one can be.

  • Take it out of the box.
  • Connect the provided power lean into the base and screw down the fasteners.
  • Take the Ambush mosquito lure out of the packaging and place it in the top compartment.
  • Add the lid and attach the trap handle.
Ambush mosquito trap, review, meredith loughran, merej99,
Meredith unpacks the Ambush Mosquito Trap

The base has a catch container to trap the mosquitos. I’m not a huge fan of emptying that basket but it’s proof that these suckers found their end and didn’t get nourished by my blood.

I also really like that I can order more lures. Just note that the price may seem a little steep too but you get 6 lures in the package and that’s 180 days of coverage if you actually replace them every 30 days. I know people who spend more than $10 a day on coffee so investing approximately $10/month for mosquito control is pretty good!

Ambush mosquito trap, review, meredith loughran, merej99,


The Ambush Mosquito Trap is not a repellent. It uses six attractants to lure mosquitos into the trap in order to break the breeding cycle. According to their user’s manual, it can take several weeks before you notice a reduction in the mosquito population.

Here in Florida, we had a longer cold snap so my organic bug eaters (the anoles) were hibernating longer when the mosquitos and flies hatched. Then the rain came and you could see all the buzzing, biting, flying insects emerge. My mosquito trap has been working overtime and I’m not shutting it off until the cooler weather arrives again!

Another challenge is finding the right placement for this trap. Because it’s an attractant, it needs to be placed away from the house by a recommended 30 feet which requires an outdoor extension cord so that it’s weather resistant. There is a graphic in the user’s manual which states that it can be 19 feet away, which is the length of the supplied power cord.

When it rains, we get some pooling water so I’ve picked up a short shepherd hook garden hanger to keep it off the ground. That’s not terrible if you want to have some creative gardening but another challenge is making sure my husband doesn’t run over the cord with the lawn mower. We might consider digging a shallow trench and burying the cord to prevent accidents.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy with the Ambush Mosquito Trap. It is quiet, does not use excessive electricity, and it helps divert mosquitos away from the house. I’m happier and so are the dogs.

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Ambush mosquito trap, review, meredith loughran, merej99,

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