9 Netflix Hacks, Tricks, and Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Netflix hacks tricks and shortcuts

Netflix is the biggest streaming platform and has now become the need of every streamer. Every Netflix user wants to enjoy the entire entertainment catalog the platform has to offer and they want it all with less efforts and in the most user-friendly manner too.

Here are the 9 Netflix hacks, tricks and shortcuts everyone should know for making the most of their streaming experience.

1. Is Different what attracts you? Category codes can help you out!

If you’re someone looking for something different and want to explore a variety of shows and movies, Netflix comes up with an impressively narrowed categorization of their shows that can let you reach your required content in an easy way.

These category codes are not very difficult to spot since they appear at the end of the Netflix URL, i.e. like https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/2851. If you want to reach the Action Thrillers, just replace the ‘2851’ with ‘43048’. Or, if you want to be a pro at reaching your desired categories in no time, you can unlock tons of hidden movies and shows and can get all the codes for all the categories from here.

2. Quality freak? Here’s how you can binge-watch Netflix at your desired quality.

If you are a Chrome user, it provides you with an exciting extension called Super Netflix, where you can select your required video streaming quality and enjoy your favorite shows by simply skipping the spoilers and descriptions.

3. Even a little of distraction while binge-watching irritates you? Here is the solution.

Chrome users are lucky enough and have a superb extension called Never Ending Netflix. With this extension, you don’t even have to click on the ‘Next Episode’. Sounds appealing? Give it a try and you’ll love this experience.

4. Have crazy Netflix fans for friends? Host a party and enjoy with them!

Are you and your best friend crazy Netflix fans but are separated by borders? This is no more a matter to cry over. Chrome offers you a perfect extension named Netflix Party. By installing this extension, you’ll immediately get hold of a sharing link of your own Netflix. You can share this link with your best friend across the border and let the party begin.

5. Are you rating-conscious? Learn the drop-off rates of your shows prior to watching them.

If you are a kind of person who’s always conscious about what you are watching and whether it is worth watching or not. Chrome offers a wonderful extension called Enhancer. You simply have to install this extension and boom, it will let you know the ratings or drop-off rates of any of the show you point your cursor at.

6. Want to be comfy while binge-watching? Netflix Flip is what you need.

Cozy and comfortable environment is always the best for entertainment sessions, and who can deny the fun of binge-viewing while being in bed? No one of course. What if you get to watch your favorite show with the Netflix Flip? By using this option, you can flip, spin and zoom Netflix to view comfortably in bed! Not only this! You can rotate to any angle, or view completely sideways. Give it a try and you’ll love that comfy experience.

7. Love watching new shows? Here’s how you can become a pro at it.

There are several movies and TV shows added to Netflix’s library and people don’t get updated with latest addition to Netflix titles. If you want to receive daily updates, you can get the complete list of new titles from here. It gives you the best options for remaining updated TV shows and movies that are available on Netflix.

8. Do you crave Netflix at awkward timings? Downloading titles is the ultimate solution.

Do you often get Netflix cravings at awkward timings like while being offline with no internet connection? This is no more a problem with the latest feature to download titles. Though not all the shows on Netflix can be downloaded, but the list of available for download shows is pretty big and lets you download most of your favorite shows to view later.

9. Have kids at home? You can set restrictions for them on Netflix.

When you have kids at home, it is almost impossible to stop them from being indulged in what you are watching. But Netflix provides you with parental control options. You simply have to go to account settings and set up a special pin code that would later restrict your child from reaching anything that is restricted for their age group.

Want to know more hacks?

Looking for more titles to your interest? Netflix’s title request page makes the process easier than you think! It might be a long shot, but you can actually make a request, call or start a live chat with Netflix. It just goes to show that the company is always on the lookout for more streaming content. Happy Bingeing.

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