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9 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

The last time I logged in to WordPress, I found out that there are over 100,000 new WordPresses created everyday. Insane, isn’t it? And these users aren’t just ordinary folks. It turns out that several top notch companies are big fans of WordPress, too. According to the blogging platform official page, it states that TechCrunch, TED, CNN, Major League Baseball and the National Football League are using the site.

So it goes without saying that blogging is an immensely competitive business. I reckon there are many bloggers out there who are blogging for pure self-indulgence sake and are concerned with driving traffic to their site.

There are several ways to boost up your blog stats, but to make things easier, let’s start from the basics. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic or protect your blog from nasty spam bots, you are bound to find the following plugins useful and effective.



Forget Captcha! Granted, it eliminates spam but it discourage comments from blog readers — it’s too troublesome. Fortunately, this is where CommentLuv comes in. It automatically adds a user’s latest blog post to their comment when they join the discussion. Because of this ‘free publicity’, it pushes your readers to comment more, which in turn increases the readership and reputation for your blog site.


Better Delete Revision

This is the ultimate plugin for perfectionists! If you’re a blogger who tends to constantly edit blog posts, there’s a high chance the dashboard is plagued with redundant revisions of posts. Better Delete Revision will keep the database lighter and smaller, which ultimately increases the blog speed.

Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

Sick of receiving comments loaded with viagra advertising? I know how you feel and believe me, you’re not the only one. BBQ protects your blog against malicious URL requests; say adieu to these annoying comments! Side note: this plugin goes really well with CommentLuv.

Broken Link Checker

No reader likes reading the following message: Sorry, this page is not available. Broken Link Checker is a hassle-free plugin. Once you’ve activated it, keep a lookout for the tools tab. It will notify you on the dashboard if any broken links are found.

Quick Cache

Nobody likes a blog with a slow loading page. A lot of people tend to have a shorter attention span when they’re surfing the net. To tackle this tricky issue, Quick Cache simply provides a dependable page cache for your blog. The plugin then takes a snapshot of every page and stores them so that they can be referenced later.

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When a visitor is stopping by to read your post, chances are he’s going to stick around for a while. This plugin spices up your posts and boost up readership at the same time. These are wonderful outbound links for SEO!



When it comes to driving traffic, social media tools are your best friend. With just one click, ShareThis notifies your Facebook friends, Google+ connections and Twitter followers when you have a newly published post. Little tip: place the plugin only at the bottom of the post. You don’t want to look too needy and desperate.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

There’s a reason why we often hear the common phrase, better be safe than sorry. Just like its name suggests, this plugin backup and restore your files. UpdraftPlus is easy as it simplifies the process with a single click.


WordPress SEO

This is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Simply key in the focus keyword, meta description and the SEO title, and you’re good to go. Sit back and relax and let this handy plugin do the rest for you!