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Kinetic Sand: A Sandbox for the Office

For those of you working desk jobs, it’s probably safe to say that you have a good hour or two of down time throughout the day. This could be you brainstorming in between tasks, or maybe you’re done with all of your work and are just trying to clock in your full hours. Regardless, you need something to keep your mind busy and awake during this downtime: something creative, something entertaining and something you can do with your hands.

Kinetic Sand

Imagine a perfect combination of the molding capabilities of Play-Doh and the grainy texture of sand. This material could be molded into any shape that your mind can conceive, and then you can fine-tune your masterpiece by etching off small bits of sand off the surface. Not to mention that there is something very therapeutic about running your fingers through a pile of sand.



Kinetic Sand has brought this concept to life. It has the look and feel of a damp pile of sand, making it perfect for sand castles, but without the risk of it collapsing like a demolished building. It also has a magnetic feel to it as it can be stretched apart like silly putty. With some sort of miracle of chemistry, it only sticks to itself and not to any other surface like your hands or a table. You can build sandcastles, make sculptures or just ease the stress by running the spongy and grainy material through your fingers.

Another great feature of the Kinetic Sand is that it claims to never dry out. Whether you take it out of its box or grab a sculpture you made a few days ago, it will be ready with the same look and feel as before. It is also non-toxic but, as thick as the material is, there is a choking hazard for children under five years old.

Kinetic Sand comes in two sizes: 12 ounces and 2.2 pounds.