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5 Tips to Improve Your CV Instantly

A CV is often the first impression you create on a possible employer. It acts as a snapshot of your skills, experience and qualifications. A well-designed resume can open the door to attractive job opportunities, but a poorly designed resume can lead to missed opportunities. If you want to improve your resume and set yourself apart from the competition, definitely visit Altresume and read on to acquire a few tips to improve your resume in no time.

Match your CV with the Job Description

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is giving a generic resume with each application. Instead, take your time and customize your resume for each position you apply for. Read the job description carefully to identify key skills and qualifications employers are looking for. Then highlight relevant skills and experience in your resume. Tailoring your resume to the specific requirements of the job will prove you are the right person for the job and amplify your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

Focus on Outcomes

When listing your professional experience, don’t just describe your job. Employers are interested in what you’ve accomplished and what impact you’ve had in previous roles. Use bullet points to emphasize specific achievements. Achieving Goals, Implementing Successful Projects, or Receiving Awards and Recognition. Whenever possible, use numbers and percentages to quantify your achievements and provide concrete evidence of your contributions. This approach benefits you to showcase your skills and demonstrate your worth to potential employers.

Use Action Verbs and Power Words

To make your resume more engaging and robust, use action verbs and power words to describe your experience and skills. Instead of using generic phrases like “responsible” or “assisted”, use strong phrases like “managed”, “implemented”, “led” or “achieved”. Choose a good action verb. These words impart a sense of positivity and competence, making your resume more compelling. Also, incorporate industry-specific keywords that are relevant to your field. Many employers use applicant tracking systems to search resumes for specific keywords. Including relevant terms will help your resume pass the first exam.

Keep it Short and Well Structured

Recruiters and hiring managers often receive many resumes for a single position. Therefore, it is important to keep your resume short and easy to read. If possible, limit your resume to two pages and focus on the most relevant information. Organize different sections with clear headings and subheadings: Educational Background, Work Experience, Skills and Qualifications. Use bullet points to divide information into easy-to-understand chunks and make sure formatting is consistent throughout. A well-structured and visually appealing resume substantiates attention to detail and professionalism.

Proofreading and Editing

Even the most impressive resume can be ruined by typos and grammatical errors. Take the time to proofread your resume carefully before submitting it. Look for spelling errors, grammatical inaccuracy, and formatting inconsistencies. Reading your resume or having a friend or family member read it may help. You can find errors that you might have overlooked. Also, pay attention to the overall clarity and consistency of your resume. Make sure your writing is clear and concise, and that your resume flows logically from one section to the next. 


Improving your resume doesn’t have to be a nonautomatic task. By following these five tips from her, you can instantly increase the impact of your resume and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Get one step closer to your dream job with a polished, bespoke resume 

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