5 Sci-Fi Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Sc-fi gadgets you wish were real, doctor who

You locked your keys in your car. You have a mountain of dishes to clean. You’re stuck in awful traffic. Your coffee table broke and all of your drinks spilled and now your dog is tracking them all over the house. With all of life’s everyday frustrations, there are times where you really want some cool gadgets to make your problems magically disappear. The world of science fiction has given us a load of gadgets to drool over so picking only five of them is difficult, but here are five sci-fi gadgets we wish were real.

1) The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Sci-fi gadgets we wish were real

Ever had a late night? Ever had a lot of cabinets to install? The Doctor feels your pain. Not only is it actually a screwdriver, it also unlocks things (as long as they’re not wood), makes for a deafening distraction when you need a quick getaway, and can occasionally disrupt alien weaponry (depending on who’s writing the show). Its abilities seem to expand with every episode. If it were real, all you would need in your toolbox is a sonic screwdriver and hammer (that’s already sonic enough). Next time you have to repair something, you won’t be able to help looking at the screwdriver and thinking “that could be a little more sonic.”

2) Back to the Future-style Hoverboards

Sci-fi gadgets we wish were real

While probably not very safe, you have to admit that these look really really fun. Within seconds of their creation there would probably be a hundred lawsuits and a ban from having them in schools, but details aside it would be cool. You could just casually hover over all of the traffic on your way to work. It would be amazing. Just don’t fall. Seriously, whatever you do, don’t fall.

3) Star Wars  Lightsaber


Unless you’re a member of the mafia or something this doesn’t really have practical everyday use. Unless you want to use it to make toast, but that seems like a waste (also it might demolish your bread). If nothing else, it would be an excellent way to trim trees, cut glass or threaten your neighbors. Your call.

4) Replicators from Star Trek


Don’t want to cook dinner? Replicate it. Need a new shirt? Replicate it. Need a garden gnome? Replicate it. A replicator would either plunge us into an era of complete peace or extreme war, depending on who has the replicators. With a replicator you would never have to go shopping, cook or do dishes. And everything is exactly as you want it, especially if you want your tea earl gray and hot. They have it so easy in the 23rd century.

 5)  A Time Machine

Hot tub time machine

Whether we’re talking TARDIS, DeLorean, or hot tub, a time machine would by far be the most useful gadget to have. Assuming you can change your own timeline without destroying the human race, you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, or make sure you remembered your spouse’s birthday or come up with Facebook or get your parents together. The possibilities here are just about endless.

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