3 important ways to protect your computer cables

3 Important Ways To Protect Your Computer Cables

Don’t let the cables on your computer become compromised. The risks of using damaged computer cables can be avoided. Follow these three important ways to protect your computer cables to have peace of mind when using your computer. Keep you, your technology, and your family safe!


The first step in any protection is to organize your cords. It can be easy for cords to become intertwined together. If this has happened to you, set aside some time in your schedule to properly untwine them. Not only will they be more effective with no wiring compromised, but they’ll prevent further damage to your home or technology. This will also help your computer run smoother and quicker.

This is especially important for older computers. Older computers may struggle more with tangled, unorganized chords. A hack for older computers involves taking care of what you already own. This means organizing your cords. Additionally, stop the frustration when you reach for a charging cable and find it tangled. Organization will make your life easier and more efficient.

Armor Cords With Tubing

Armoring cords with tubing is a great option to keep your cords safe. This is a particularly nice way to provide protection from pets within your home. It can be daunting to keep animals from chewing their way through cords. You may even find yourself stopping your toddler from trying the same thing. Many cable management products already provide their cable products protected by heavy duty tubing, as it is well known that this tubing will prolong the life of your cables by protecting them from breakages and kinks which put stress on the wiring inside. It is this stress that ultimately causes your cables to deteriorate and work inefficiently or break altogether.  If however your cables remain unprotectedclear vinyl tubing can help.  Simply cut a slit down one side and slip it over the cables. This is a very easy way to protect cords without using too much money, time, or materials. The peace of mind it will give you is well worth the effort it takes.

Unprotected computer cables can be a safety issue for small hands and mouths in the house. This can be an overlooked safety issue because, with today’s technology, cords seem to lie in every room. Don’t let this issue slip by you and your household. Take care of cords accordingly.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Not only will heat shrink prevent damaged cords, but it may even fix cords that are already damaged and are losing connection. Start by cutting two pieces of wrap around 1.25 inches in length. Place a silicon adhesive where the cord meets the connectors on the ends. Before the silicon dries, put the tubing over the cord and wipe off the excess silicon. Using a lighter, shrink the tube. Of course, this should be done very carefully. A blow dryer could be another option, although it may take longer to achieve results.

Damaged cables can be dangerous. Don’t wait; take care of any cables that you may currently be using. Follow these three important ways to protect your computer cables to protect your home and technology. From organization to armor cords and heat shrink, there are several options for you to pursue.

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