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Breathe Life into Old Computers with These Simple Hacks

Computers become slower over time, and to a certain extent, this is inevitable. It can get extremely frustrating when you are trying to perform simple tasks, but your computer is just crawling along. Slow and under-performing computers not only cause a lot of frustration, but they also cost time and effort when they are supposed to be making our lives easier. While you can try getting your computer fixed or upgraded, it can only perform up to its limits. 

This article is a guide to 5 simple hacks that can breathe life into your old computer and get it working perfectly again.

Try Using PC Cleaner Software

If you are looking for ways to make your computer perform better, you should consider using a PC cleaner tool. As computers get older, they usually collect a lot of unused and unnecessary files. These files can take up large space on hard drives, which can make computers perform frustratingly slowly. PC cleaners are the ideal solution to instantly clean up these unnecessary files and make your computer run faster. There are many PC cleaners to choose from, and these helpful reviews can help you choose the right program for you. The software works by improving and optimizing your system and its performance via multiple tasks such as clearing caches, deleting corrupted files as well as removing unnecessary files.

By constantly looking for ways to optimize your computer, PC cleaning software can limit unnecessary background use of your computer’s RAM. Another problem with old computers is that they take a long time to start. With PC cleaning software, unnecessary programs will be disabled at startup, and your computer can boot up faster. You can also selectively remove unwanted files from your computer with a PC cleaner such as duplicate files or junk mail downloads.

Delete Unused and Unnecessary Software

Programs that you are not using can often be the reason why your computer is running slow. By removing unnecessary programs, you can greatly speed up your computer by reducing boot time and optimizing valuable disk space. In order to remove an unwanted program or application, you can simply open the start menu, then select the control panel and freely add or remove programs and applications. However, it is important to note that you should only uninstall programs and applications that you know for sure are unnecessary.

Virus Protection Software

In today’s digital world, cyber threats include various types of viruses or spyware. If your computer is running slowly, you should consider the possibility that your computer is infected with some kind of malware. Cybersecurity should be taken seriously by internet users as cybercriminals can do detrimental damage by gaining access to users’ personal data. You should consider using virus protection software not only to increase your computer’s speed but, more importantly, to protect yourself from online threats as well. Anti-virus software typically includes multiple safety measures to defend your computer by catching and blocking spyware, viruses, and adware that might try to infect your computer.

Various virus protection software programs that are available implement important functions such as allowing you to perform scheduled scans or offering options to remove files that are detected as malicious files. Remember to keep your anti-virus application up-to-date to ensure its efficiency.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks (VPNs) enable internet users to safely use the Internet by providing online privacy and anonymity to its users through untraceable internet protocol addresses and encrypted connections. Simply put, VPNs can protect your personal data from being exploited by cybercriminals by establishing a private and secure network for you to use. Therefore, whether you are using the Internet to surf webs or make important bank transactions, VPNs can help keep you safe. Surprisingly, aside from keeping users safe with various security benefits, VPNs can make your internet speed faster too. It is usually when we are browsing the internet that a slow computer is most frustrating, so a VPN can be a great solution. 

Switch to Open-Source Software

Open-source software is generally faster while taking up less space on your hard drive than commercial software and programs. There are various open-source software programs available, and they can be used as an alternative to commonly used applications. Switching from commercial programs and software to open-source alternatives is easy to do as there are thousands of websites that have downloadable links to open-source applications and programs. This may not have a huge effect on your computer’s speed, but when combined with the other hacks, it can make a difference.

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There are many upgrades available to improve your computer and make it run more efficiently. Try out our simple hacks to make your old computer run smoother and faster. Even though these hacks and tips might seem minor, especially when combined, they can certainly improve your computer’s speed and performance.

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