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Check Out the List of Top Geek TV Series to Watch

Those who love their geeky sitcoms and hours playing video games have never had it so good as in the age of technology. Online entertainment has grown in variety as well. With gambling being legal and licensed on several portals, there are no deposit bonus schemes that allow players to try different slots and table games at various casino sites. They can enjoy free spins at these sites and even get to retain part of their winnings. Netflix has stood up to the occasion, making many new and old shows available on their channel.

Superheroes Top the List

This is a category that includes many geek classics, and Netflix serves up many old and new titles in this segment.

Marvel/DC Shows

Shows of Marvel and their superheroes continue to be high on the popularity list. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D started off with the same set as was used for The Avengers. The show has been worth the watch since its launch and is always a classic that the Marvel fans go back to. Justice League or the unlimited series is for the DC comic fans. Many reminisce about the animated series of Batman that was popular in the nineties and one show that many grew up with. This particular show is present on Netflix, and one can also find other popular superhero titles such as Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and others.

This category is the most popular and has the most extended list of shows to watch. Arrow is by far one of the most-watched shows, a modern retelling of Green Arrow of DC Comics. Netflix has formed a deal with CW which means that not only the three seasons are available for the viewers but later seasons will arrive soon as well.

The Flash is next in line when it comes to popularity. It has a fresh vibe that makes it a good contrast in comparison to the dark shows such as Batman and Superman. There is also goofiness about Flash that appeals to most of our geek fans out there.

New shows in this category are The Incredible Hulk and Jessica Jones of Marvel.

Science Fiction, Horror, Legends and More


In this category, there are new titles added to the current popular shows like the old series of Star Trek. One can take a peek at Deep Space Nine of Star Trek which has many states that have an excellent cast. They have also included many familiar stories that continue from the Trek universe. Hence, those who have been long time followers of the old and new series will enjoy following the story plots in DS9.

Star Trek fans do not leave Star Wars much behind. With Disney making TV shows out of the Star Wars movies, Star Wars: Clone Wars is akin to watching the known characters take on new forms and avatars along with similar visual effects and galaxy settings.


This is probably the next popular category that geeks love and Netflix offers several titles with varied storylines in them. Old series have been revived here such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, both being popular in the late nineties among the teen generation. Vampires and slayers do not seem to grow old, a reason why these series have been revived again.


This category also has several contributions such as Merlin, a successful family series where Arthur and Merlin are portrayed as youthful pals. Cursed is also based on a similar timeline and around the legend of Merlin and the Excalibur, showing how Nimuae was the chosen one for the sword and how the Fey people forged it. Monkey King is also a new and refreshing addition here, revisiting a famous legendary tale of the Far East.

The above are some of the many new or existing shows on Netflix that are sure to pleasure nerds and geeks as they seek out more hours of entertainment from the TV on-demand channel.

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