What Makes Fiber Optic Internet So Much Better?

What makes fiber optic internet so much better?

Internet connection is central to our daily lives nowadays, so we are always looking to improve our experience. Internet outages and slow speeds can be frustrating, even for the casual user. If you rely on your internet connection for work, streaming, or online gaming, you want the best internet connection you can possibly get. In recent years, we’ve been able to enjoy better internet connections through fiber optic cables. What makes fiber optic internet so much better? We’ll give you the main reasons it’s starting to take over.

Faster Download and Upload Speeds

When it comes down to it, the speed of your internet connection is king. The speed at which we can download and upload determines everything we do online. Fiber optic internet boasts upload and download speeds up to 20 times faster than a traditional cable setup. There is also no discrepancy between upload and download speeds. A direct fiber optic connection will allow you to experience internet speeds you could have only dreamed of in the past.

More Reliability in Harsh Conditions

One of the main reasons why fiber optic internet is so much better is how reliable it is. Fiber optic polishing and cable placement may take a long time, but you won’t need to worry about it again once it is in place. Fiber optic cables allow for many simultaneous users and aren’t tied to the energy grid. Even blackouts caused by storms won’t affect a fiber optic connection, making it one of the most reliable connections available.

Less Speed Throttling

If you aren’t familiar with internet throttling, it’s only because providers try to hide it when they can. Providers will throttle internet connections to prevent internet outages caused by overuse. If you ever notice that your cable internet connection is slower at certain times of the day, it’s likely because your provider throttles your connection during what it considers a high usage time. Fiber optic internet connections are much less susceptible to overloading from too many users or frequent use, so you don’t need to deal with unwanted throttling.

Reliable With Multiple Devices

Just as fiber optic internet won’t slow down if people in your area use it heavily, the people you share your home’s connection with won’t cause it to slow down either. Cable internet has a bad habit of being slower and less reliable when multiple people are using the same connection for taxing purposes like streaming or online gaming. Fiber optic internet comes with far more bandwidth, meaning that everyone in your home can do what they want online without affecting the household internet speed.

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