Should you convert your bike into an e-bike?

Should You Convert Your Bike Into an E-Bike?

You may not be in the market for this advanced hoverbike, but an e-bike can be a much more realistic option. E-bikes are a great way to get around town faster and more reliably. Conversion kits today are so technologically advanced that you can integrate them into your bike seamlessly. These are the most important things to consider before converting your bike to an e-bike. Decide if switching to an e-bike could be the right choice for you.

Are You Willing To Do the Work?

Converting your bike to an e-bike takes a little bit of work, so you must be up to the task. You’ll need to sign on for a little bit of labor up-front to set up your e-bike, so learning more about your bike and its mechanics is a great start. Watch some installation videos of the kit of your choice and see if you’ll be able to manage the task. If you don’t feel ready yet, take some time to learn more about how your bike works.

Consider Your Local Laws

State and local laws are some of the most important things to consider before converting your bike to an e-bike. Many states and cities have their own laws about e-biking and the kits that you can use. Read up on your state’s rules and regulations about e-biking to make sure you’ll be in the clear. E-bikes come in one of three classes determined by their speed and how they work. Conversion kits can switch your bike to any of the three classes, so be sure you know which class you’re signing on for and whether it will be legal in your area.

Choosing a Kit

There are many types of e-bike conversion kits to choose from, so it’s hard to know where to start. Front-hub and all-in-one kits are usually easiest to install for amateur mechanics, but they have trouble on hills. The sensation of a front-hub kit can also take some getting used to since the bike pulls rather than pushes. Rear-hub and mid-drive kits are much more challenging to install and may require a skilled mechanic, but they can deliver more reliable power that feels more natural for a rider. Do some research to choose the kit that is right for you and your skill level, and you’ll be ready to start riding your new e-bike.

Get Riding

Now that you know more about what kits to buy and you’ve checked your local laws, it’s time to ride. Learning to ride an e-bike is a bit different from traditional biking, but there are many tips and tricks for new e-bike riders to help you get comfortable. Start riding your new e-bike today!

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