10 Tracks Every F1 Fan Needs to Visit

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Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport, featuring thrilling and challenging tracks from iconic circuits to modern venues with stunning scenery. Now, F1 fans can enjoy the action live or from home, and can also bet on favorite drivers and teams. 

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And if possible, plan your next F1 adventure and experience the excitement of motorsport like no other. In this article, we will take a look at ten tracks that every F1 fan needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Albert Park Circuit

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Albert Park Circuit is the traditional opener of the F1 season. The track is a street circuit that runs around a lake and parkland, offering a scenic backdrop for the racing action. 

In addition, the circuit is fast and flowing, with a mix of long straights and tight corners that test the drivers’ skills and courage. Also, it is known for its unpredictable weather, which can add an extra element of drama and excitement.

Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit is a state-of-the-art facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is the only track in the F1 calendar that features a twilight race, starting in daylight and ending under floodlights. The circuit has a unique layout, with a long straight that passes under a hotel, a tight hairpin that leads to a marina, and a twisty sector that runs along the waterfront. 

The track also boasts some of the best facilities and amenities for the fans, such as grandstands, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options.


Nurburgring is a legendary track in Germany that has hosted some of the most memorable races in F1 history. The track has two configurations: the Nordschleife, which is a 20.8 km long loop that winds through the Eifel mountains, and the Grand Prix Circuit, which is a 5.1 km long modern track that incorporates part of the old layout. 

The Nordschleife is one of the most challenging and dangerous tracks in the world, with over 150 corners and elevation changes. It is also demanding, with fast and technical sections that require precision and concentration.

Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone Circuit, a historic F1 track in Northamptonshire, England, hosts British motorsport and iconic corners like Copse, Maggots, Becketts, Stowe, and Abbey. Its fast, flowing layout tests aerodynamics and grip, and has a passionate fan base for a great atmosphere.

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, also known as Interlagos, is a historic track in Sao Paulo, Brazil, named after a late F1 driver. It features an anti-clockwise circuit, causing extra strain on drivers’ necks and muscles. The track’s unique layout includes a long uphill straight, tight infield sections, and challenging corners, making it an exciting racing venue, particularly during rainy conditions.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is a popular F1 track in Belgium, with challenging corners like Eau Rouge, Raidillon, Pouhon, Blanchimont, and Bus Stop. It features natural undulating terrain and is one of the longest and fastest tracks in F1. The track faces unpredictable weather conditions, ranging from sunny to rainy in minutes.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Circuit Ricardo Tormo is a modern and compact track in Valencia, Spain. The track is named after a Spanish motorcycle racer who died in a crash in 1998. So it is not surprising that its design favors maximum visibility and safety for the spectators and drivers, with a layout that features several overtaking opportunities and run-off areas. 

The track also has a distinctive feature: a long pit lane that runs parallel to the main straight, separated by a wall. It is usually used for testing and winter training, but it also hosted the European Grand Prix in 2020.

Circuit de Monaco

Circuit de Monaco is the most glamorous and prestigious track in F1, and one of the most challenging and demanding as well. The track is a street circuit that runs through the narrow and twisty streets of Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco. 

Due to the barriers, kerbs, and bumps, there is zero margin for error. The track also has some of the slowest and tightest corners in F1, such as Loews, Portier, and Rascasse. So in short, it requires skill, concentration, and bravery from the drivers, as well as luck and strategy from the teams.

Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit, located in Sakhir, Bahrain, is the first F1 venue in the Middle East and has hosted the Bahrain Grand Prix since 2004. The 5.4 km long track features four straights and 15 corners, offering a balance between speed and handling. It also features overtaking opportunities and braking zones. However, the track faces unique challenges due to desert sand, affecting grip and visibility.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 10 tracks every f1 fan needs to visit, entertainment

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