Childhood toys from the 90s

10 Childhood Toys That’ll Make You Nostalgic

Don’t you wish you could go back in time to your childhood when all you had was your favorite toys and a worry-free life? Sometimes it’s hard not to feel bad for the kids of today with their iPad’s and iPhone’s. Listen Millennial kids, we’re going to let you finish, but 90s kids had the best gadgets and games of all time (Click site here to see what favorite and nostalgic toys the kids of the future are going to be writing about as adults).


Tamagotchi- childhood toys

This handheld digital pet really taught us the importance of responsibility. This cute little virtual animal had to be fed, happy, disciplined, and cleaned. They also had the potential to get sick and needed to be toilet trained. It was like taking care of a real life pet.

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Game boy

Oh the Gameboy. The handheld gaming console that kept all of us busy during most car rides. The Gameboy was practically the equivalent to what an iPhone is today. When a new generation of the Gameboy was released, every one needed to get their hands on it. You were cooler than cool if you got your hands on the newest Game Boy gadget. Game Boy Color was one that became a hit as it was the first handheld gaming console that played the game in color.

Easy Bake Oven

Easy bake oven- 90s toys

Looking back on it, it may have been a little weird cooking food that came in a box from the toy store. At the time though, it was the greatest thing in the world. It was liberating to feel like you were able to bake cookies all by yourself.

Skip it

Skip it, 90s toys

The Skip It apparatus was one of the recess essentials in elementary school. You could battle with other friends to see who could do the most skips. It helped to declare the king or queen of the blacktop at school.

Moon Shoes

Nostalgia inducing childhood toy- moon shoes

If you watched Nickelodeon every day after school, you never missed the Moon Shoes commercial. You knew you had to have them. So you did.

Power Wheels

Power wheels, childhood toys

Power wheels can really make a child feel like they’re in control of everything. What was great was the various selection of cars they offered. Barbie Doll, Spider-Man, Mercedes. You name it, they had it.

Polly Pocket

Polly pocket- childhood toys

The pocket-sized dolls came with their very own clothes, accessories, and houses. There was so much adventure that came from Polly Pockets.

Hit Clips

Childhood toys from the 90s- hit clips

This digital audio player was one of the biggest trends in the early 2000’s. They played songs from the Backstreet Boys to Madonna. It was always an exciting moment receiving these with your McDonald’s kid’s meal.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Childhood toys that are nostalgia-inducing, pokemon cards

This collectible card game was one of the most popular products. You could play, trade, and collect with these trading cards. Some of the most rare Pokemon cards have even been sold for quite a bit of money. According to From Japan Blog, the Pikachu Illustrator Card was being sold on eBay for $100,000.  For enthusiasts looking to delve into the expansive world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, the quest often begins with the decision to order Japanese Pokemon cards. These cards not only offer unique artwork and variations but also provide a glimpse into the original Japanese releases that hold special significance for collectors.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64, childhood toys that are nostalgia-inducing

Nintendo 64 or the N64 was Nintendo’s last video game console to use the cartridge.

In 2001, the Game Cube succeeded Nintendo 64. If you want to shop for toys and collectibles that would surely make you feel nostalgic and bring back the memories of the good ‘ol times, make sure to check out Toynk!

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