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You’re Seriously Spending a LOT of Time on Your Phone

Amid the pandemic, smartphone use is reportedly surging about 45% above normal levels. Taking note of this trend, WhistleOut’s team conducted their own research to find out how much time exactly we’re spending on our phones, how it differs across generations, and how that can add up over a lifetime.

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More interesting findings:

  • Daily phone screen time differs by generation.
    • Millennials spend about 3.7 hours per day on their phones
    • Gen X spends about 3 hours per day on their phones
    • Boomers only spend about 2.5 hours per day on their phones
  • Factor out sleep, and the stats are even more shocking.
      • Millennials spend about ¼ (23%) of their waking hours on smartphones
      • Gen X spends 16.5% of their waking lives on a smartphone
      • Boomers only spend 9.9% of their waking lives on a smartphone

You can check out the full story, here: https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/Guides/5-ways-to-limit-screentime-at-bedtime#screentime 


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