You Don’t Know The Real De Niro

The whole world knows the two-time Academy Award winner and multi-talented Hollywood star, Robert De Niro.

Working in Hollywood for over five decades as an actor, director, and producer, Robert De Niro has shown the whole world his versatility by portraying his dramatic, comedic, and dark roles.

The Hollywood actor, Robert De Niro, has persistently kept mum about his personal things throughout his life. To be frank, he’s generally silent on many aspects.

You’ve probably seen the interviews with Conan and others where he barely says anything and is usually on with Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, or others.

All the gossip and talk we have heard about the actor are either speculation or generated from a few real interviews he has given.

That’s why you probably don’t know the real De Niro.

But after today, we promise you’ll become more familiar with the real Robert De Niro.

De Niro: A Man With Various Ethnicities

Although the majority of De Niro’s fans know that he is an Italian-American actor, few people know about his diverse ethnic identity. His ancestors belonged to Italian, English, Irish, Dutch, French, and German roots. His mother and father were a mixture of different ethnicities, thus making him a diverse individual. 

De Niro: A Man Born to Artistic Talent

As many of you might already know, Robert De Niro’s father and mother were talented painters. 

Born in a house with unlimited artistic talent, Robert De Niro was born a perfectionist. 

His father, Robert De Niro Sr., was the best example of a perfectionist during his career. De Niro was very close to his father and learned a bit about the arts from this paternal figure.  

This might be the reason why Robert De Niro went to a dentist and asked him to ruin his teeth to deliver his best performance in the movie Cape Fear and push himself to gain 60 pounds for the film Raging Bull.

He’s invested in his career much like his father. 

A Man With a Humble Beginning

Though Robert De Niro’s career moved quickly after his devoted and mesmerizing performance in the movie Raging Bull, he began his acting career with a very humble start. His first performance as an actor was in the traditional film, The Wizard of Oz 

In the school production,the Academy Award-winning actor played the role of a cowardly lion. At that time, little De Niro was only ten years old. After his performance in the movie, Robert De Niro came to realize his passion and love for acting, and at the age of 16, he officially pursued his career in acting after dropping out of school. 

A Man With Multiple Careers

If you think Robert De Niro is only a versatile and successful actor then you know nothing about the man. 

Robert De Niro is not only a successful actor but also a thriving producer, strong director, lucrative real estate investor, and highly successful restauranteur. 

He works with Nobu but also counts himself among the rich who face continual money problems.

You’ve probably heard about him cutting his ex-wife’s credit card from a $100,000 limit to a more manageable limit.

Robert Needs More Dinero

He’s been facing financial difficulties due to his sepearation from his wife and lockdowns stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

These lockdowns affect the various businesses he’s invovled in and so you are likely to see De Niro act in a few more films depending on the extent of his financial troubles.

But DeNiro is a fighter can surely bounce back from this slight difficulty.

He’s faced many difficulties in his life and this is merely another one to surpass.


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