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What You Need to Know about the War With Grandpa

Enough of the sad loving movies about grandparents and their grandchildren. Everyone loves a little drama, and this movie brings fun, comedy, war, and love altogether. 

Directed by Tim Hill, the movie “The War With Grandpa” is based on a book written by Robert Kimmel Smith. If you are a fan of “The Irish Man” or “Catch Me If You Can,” get excited because it features both Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken.

This is one the last movies that Harvey Weinstein’s company was going to release, and to know if he would have been able to go out with a bang, keep reading.


The War With Grandpa’s Plot 

The character of an old yet belligerent grandpa, Ed, is played by Robert De Nero, whose life has turned into a mess after the death of his wife. His daughter convinces him to move in with them, but there are no extra rooms like every other middle-class house. 

Ed takes the room of his 12-year old grandson Peter, who reacts like a typical teenage suburban white kid. Yes, Peter is not at all happy about it. He declares war with Ed and starts pranking the older man with some life-threatening pranks. 

Ed, being not such a kind grandparent, retaliates, and the war between them seems to escalate over time. Moreover, the scenes focused on the older cast of the movie are funnier than pranks played by the kids. It follows the typical theme of family-friendly films, but the excellent cast makes some specific scenes fun to watch. 

The two manage to reconcile at the end, but the last scene shows Peter declaring war on Ed and his girlfriend, Diane, again. 

Verdict on the War with Grandpa

If you are watching this movie expecting it to be a remake of Dennis the Menace or Home alone, don’t. 

The pranks here are not as creative as we would like and some critics thought that it was really weak.

If the pranks were written more creatively, this generic movie would have entertained both younger and older viewers. This is the kind of movie that would only be entertaining if you watch it with your grandparents. 

The IMDB rating of “The War With Grandpa” is 5.5/10, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it an average rating of 4.32/10. 

Yet, this is still a fantastic movie to watch with the family as it was quite popular and did very well at the box office. It recently ousted Tenet and other films bringing in tickets and revenues.

Check it out during the holidays, regardless of what the critics say.



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