X-Files Will Be Back, But You’ll Have to Wait

X-files 2016


Fox has good news and bad news for the tin foil hat sect: X-Files will most likely be back, but you are going to have to wait. While it has been confirmed that Scully and Mulder won’t be chasing little green men later this year, CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman stated that all those involved are ready to don the trench coats for another round. Unfortunately, as it so often seems to be, schedules are getting in the way.

With a European concert tour and a new season of Aquarius premiering next month for David Duchovny, and a host of British historical dramas for Gillian Anderson, the pair is keeping busy. However, Fox seems confident that the show will be back within the next two years. Details are unclear, but it seems that the Fall ’17 season is the earliest we can hope for.

Less than stellar reactions from some longtime fans have not deterred the network. Sky high viewership and strong ratings speak for themselves. Backed by a Netflix-bred renaissance, The X-Files came back hard. Success like that is hard to ignore. So for the next two years, be patient, watch out for were-monsters, and remember to trustno1.

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