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WIN IT! SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Giveaway


Win It! – SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard (MSRP $69.00)

Enter now! Geek Insider is giving away one (1) SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard to a lucky fan! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and win. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Geek Insider on Facebook and share with your friends, as it increases your chances of winning!

Check out our full review of the Steel Series Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard.

Giveaway Courtesy of SteelSeries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official Rules

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 How to Win

Winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes to win. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before June 18th, 2013. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.


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  1. Avatar JamesSemaj says:

    I prefer PC gaming as I am at my desk most of the time and its convenient to fire up some games to kill the time.

  2. Avatar SamEarl13 says:

    The reason that i dont like gaming in a pc that much is because of the keyboard so getting this would be awesome.

  3. Avatar travelluna says:

    console gaming is more fun for me.  I like to move with the game. feel apart of the action

  4. Avatar volcombrandon says:

    I play both Pc and console but i prefer to play console more. Its easier to play with friends and family than PC i have a big family.

  5. I like the PC gaming more! 🙂

  6. I love them both, but  I tend to lean towards console a little bit more

  7. Avatar AndrewYoung says:

    PC gamer all the way.

  8. Avatar newfiechic says:

    I prefer PC over console

  9. Avatar Bjornar Berntsen says:

    PC FTW

  10. Avatar RoyalDelinquent says:

    Most def PC!! 🙂

  11. Avatar IgorBoyarintsev says:


  12. Avatar AlexanderBelkov says:

    I prefer PC gaming

  13. Avatar LeoBienDurana says:

    I prefer PC Gaming since controls are much better, comfortable, and precise.

  14. Avatar CarloMasone says:

    PC, definitely

  15. Avatar ChrisKnopff says:

    Both, but PC gaming isn’t what it should be with my current keyboard.

  16. Avatar VialliMuhammadFaijar says:

    I prefer PC

  17. Avatar YedavilliVSaimadhav says:


  18. Avatar Jasper John Cecilio says:

    PC FTW!

  19. Avatar AntonioIacobone says:

    Of course PC!

  20. I prefer PC, thank you

  21. console

  22. Avatar shafty023 says:


  23. Avatar DenisKrasko says:

    PC 4 sure!

  24. Avatar curtis206 says:


  25. PC for life!

  26. Avatar MilicaKuvalja says:

    PC all the way! Thank you and steelseries for this giveaway 🙂

  27. Avatar AabbPaulaVanir says:

    definitely PC..
    but enjoys playing xbox with the kids.

  28. PC for life

  29. PC!

  30. Avatar khangptit1992 says:

    Pc FTW !! I’m sure you know why

  31. Avatar DmitriySukhanov says:


  32. Avatar TheSunshyn says:

    I love PC gaming!! Tried console, but went back to PC at the first opportunity.

  33. 98% PC. I do play xbox but very seldom.

  34. Avatar takeshifox says:


  35. Avatar danceswithpucks says:

    I prefer console gaming.

  36. PC

  37. Avatar BrianIMdiesel says:

    I like console gaming… I can’t screw up my console with malware and viruses when I look at por….. portraits of kittens.

  38. Avatar MuhammadHassanHaroon says:

    PC gaming

  39. Avatar ronin1701 says:

    I’m a PC!

  40. >>>>PC<<<<<

  41. Avatar temporalshadows says:

    PC gaming ftw

  42. Avatar _Xpert_Gamer_ says:

    I prefer PC

  43. Avatar NathanJhon says:


  44. Avatar Mihail Kopein says:


  45. I like them both but I’m going to have to go with consoles.

  46. Depends on the situation and mood.  I have favorites for both!

  47. I love both..I love jumping on the consoles to play some battlefield with friends,or jump on the PC and play some old everquest 1 or guild wars 🙂

  48. PC because you have the option to upgrade your hardware if you like, have more abilities to use mods that you wouldn’t be able to use on the console and can get the real power from the computer.

  49. Avatar ArifRahmanFadilah says:

    I prefer PC because it will give more performance

  50. Avatar CarlssonSeb says:

    PC for most games, but PS3 got some awesome titles that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

  51. I prefere PC because its better 🙂

  52. Avatar DreyCarey says:

    I love both

  53. I prefer PC gaming.

  54. Avatar Reign_Of_Rain says:

    like both, prefer console.

  55. Avatar JuanCarlosValdivia says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  56. Avatar LaPulgaMati says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  57. Avatar zero110100 says:

    I’m a PC.

  58. Avatar FerminAvila says:

    PC Gaming

  59. Avatar Aleksandr Ch says:

    I prefer PC gaming

  60. Avatar BrandonChun2 says:


  61. Console

  62. Avatar JohnShortcut says:


  63. Avatar JacobProvencher says:


  64. Avatar AlexanderGenvarev says:


  65. PC is better for the sake of modding.

  66. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

    AWESOME!! Thank you geekinsider andSteelSeriesfor this AMAZING Giveaway. i love
    gaming both via Console or PC, but if i have to choose the best one
    from them than i would love to pick via PC because i can modify/upgrade
    my gaming PC station the way i feel it, the way i dream it, the way i
    enjoy it. This Beautiful Sleek, Sexy and Fully Operational Design SteelSeries Apex [Raw] gaming keyboard with it’s high-quality piece of gaming hardware plus 34 total macros and 1000Hz polling rate; 1ms response time plus plus the AWESOMENESS space bar (Sleek and BIG, i’ll punch it every time), and the cool White LED w/ 8 brightness levels back lighting will help me improve my confidence and my battle skills miles away!

  67. Avatar SherwinTrinidadRamos says:

    PC For The Win!!!

  68. Avatar _Xpert_Gamer_ says:

    I prefer PC 🙂

  69. Avatar buburuza76 says:


  70. Avatar ScottMoodie says:


  71. PC gaming of course

  72. Avatar UgotPwndbyaChic says:


  73. Avatar HenrikLarsson98 says:


  74. Avatar GinaFerrell1 says:

    I prefer the Console gaming more.

  75. PC

  76. Avatar ChrisTonthat says:


  77. Avatar TobiasLundquistKittelsen says:

    Console for 3rd person RPG styled games, PC for shooters and everything else.

  78. Avatar VinoJomalesa says:

    Console Gaming 😀

  79. Avatar CantonCathy says:

    I like the PC but kids have gaming consoles

  80. Avatar SaraRZielinski says:

    I prefer console gaming

  81. I like console gaming.

  82. Avatar maniacsweepstakes says:

    pc man

  83. Avatar BruceNewport says:

    PC all the way

  84. Avatar crossbred900 says:


  85. Avatar Asperyules says:

    PC, thanks for the giveaway.

  86. Avatar AndreasNiggemann says:

    Count me in please !!

  87. Avatar lccderek444 says:


  88. Avatar KevinJohnson2 says:


  89. pc^^

  90. Avatar EngrJulian says:

    Done! thanks

  91. Avatar Chaos_Infintium says:


  92. PC gaming!

  93. I prefer PC gaming.

  94. Avatar RodTrevizan says:


  95. Avatar calvinlu92 says:

    PC gaming for sure! It’s easier to play with my friends and others and I just love the feel of a mouse and a keyboard versus a controller.

  96. Avatar MargaretE.Smith says:

    I like PC better

  97. Avatar diehl_stephen says:



  99. PC ftw

  100. Avatar SyahmiHarun says:

    PC Rule

  101. Avatar AlexanderLeveriza says:


  102. Avatar NICKIEISIS3 says:

    pc all the way

  103. Avatar JosefCortezCagas says:

    PC gaming all the way!

  104. Avatar CDavisOnline says:

    PC FTW

  105. PC gaming

  106. Avatar John Allen Merquita says:


  107. Sweet.  PC.

  108. I prefer a gaming console
    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  109. Consloe

  110. Avatar JessicaAlexander1 says:

    both really can’t choose

  111. Avatar ravengoth says:

    I prefer console gaming.

  112. Avatar spikeyLoki says:

    I still prefer PC Gaming nowadays. Since i’m always at home and right infront of the PC. 🙂

  113. Avatar ianseries says:

    Sure this one will be mine. 100%

  114. Pc is a lot better, and it would be nice to have a new keyboard for gaming.

  115. Avatar Stephanie Larison says:

    Both, but if I had to pick 1 over the other, I’d say console.

  116. Avatar SickPigeon says:

    As much as I use to love PC gaming, it is so much easier being a console gamer now. Easier to relax.

  117. Avatar ksnsaetern says:

    Console gaming!

  118. Avatar EugeneYaschenko says:

    PC gaming

  119. Avatar VaibhavMhatre says:

    PC gaming

  120. Avatar UTEddieYi says:

    console gaming ftw

  121. Avatar AndrewJamesStair says:

    PC Gaming for sure!

  122. Avatar FilipMaria says:

    PC gaming

  123. Avatar AlexandraChirita says:

    PC gaming

  124. Avatar Rhonda Tenderholt says:

    My sons says he doesn’t know he likes them both.

  125. Avatar JandyAdityaPratisto says:

    PC GAMING!!!

  126. Avatar pocketpcandgeek says:

    PC Gaming, look how a game like The Witcher 2 is more beautiful on pc than console ;).

  127. Avatar FilipVasile says:

    PC gaming

  128. Avatar FilipAdrian says:

    PC gaming

  129. Avatar Nikita Ivanov says:


  130. Avatar VictorBelausovich says:

    PC gaming!

  131. Avatar ZeybekTolga says:


  132. Avatar Pekin Duck says:

    Console. Love to play select PC titles.

  133. Avatar jragonsoul says:


  134. Avatar Alexandr Arlashkin says:

    I prefer PC, but some games i play with gamepad.

  135. Avatar Nadezhda Petrova says:

    PC gaming!

  136. Avatar AnatolyVinokurov says:

    Prefer PC

  137. Avatar MichaelBarna says:

    Only Hardcore! Only PC!

  138. Nice)

  139. Avatar Saimonalex says:


  140. Avatar VikkiBillings says:

    I prefer pc gaming

  141. Avatar JimmyPhommachanh says:

    Console, since all my friends play on it.

  142. Avatar HeatherSpeaks says:


  143. Avatar Joshgotsmusic says:


  144. I prefer pc gaming

  145. Avatar McFlyinCA says:

    I prefer console gaming

  146. Avatar HansOttoMeier says:

    I prefer console gaming

  147. Avatar SilverrrV2 says:

    I prefer both! I’d really want to get into pc gaming more though.

  148. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

    as a Gamer I prefer PC Gaming All The Way 🙂
    Thank you GeekInsider 🙂

  149. Avatar RonaldSmith says:

    I prefer PC gaming most, though I do play consoles as well.

  150. Avatar SergOspishev says:

    Good luck to everyone! And to me the most.

  151. good luck everyone

  152. Avatar MarcJavier10 says:

    PC Gaming FTW!

  153. Avatar SergOspishev says:

    Good luck to everyone!Thanks for the contest

    1. SergOspishev Your welcome and thanks for participating.

  154. Avatar brian wall says:

    ALWAYS preferred PC

  155. Avatar xgenzeepee says:

    PC Gaming! ofcourse

  156. Avatar RageaholicRick says:

    I prefer PC Gaming, because almost every game looks better, and runs smoother on PC.

  157. PC Gaming.

  158. Avatar FollieDestate says:

    I prefer console gaming!

  159. Avatar AlessioAgrusti says:

    yeah 😀

  160. Avatar erodriguez87 says:


  161. Avatar AntonellaTogato says:

    I prefer PC Gaming

  162. Avatar Diane Baum says:

    My choice is console gaming

  163. Avatar Michael9321 says:

    my choice is pc!

  164. Avatar Dr. Yiggles says:

    PC gaming

  165. Avatar tomkoDilly says:

    I’d rather console gaming except for a few MMO’s online.

  166. I’d rather play on PC, even if with a gamepad

  167. PC gaming for online play!

  168. Avatar JakubBreniin says:

    PC ! 🙂

  169. Avatar ClaytonChabannes says:

    PC gaming!

  170. the PC

  171. PC Gaming

  172. Avatar RebekahArnold1 says:

    I perfer gaming keyboards more

  173. Avatar Panzerschreck says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  174. Avatar JanaMelzer says:

    I prefer PC gaming. 😉

  175. Avatar CharlieMiliner says:

    pc gameing

  176. Avatar KellyMaxwell says:

    PC Gaming!!

  177. Avatar InfeXioN_Emma says:

    Totally PC

  178. Avatar HamidMehmood says:

    i like pc gaming.

  179. Avatar JustinMarro says:


  180. Avatar GreeneMann says:

    PC >

  181. Avatar Novikov_Sergey says:

    PC Gaming

  182. Avatar jaksajani says:

    Def. console gaming.

  183. Avatar TahkeemWilson says:

    i hope i win lol

  184. Avatar blurryleg says:

    I prefer PC gaming!

  185. Avatar AnthonyChristmas says:

    PC Gaming for me.

  186. Avatar LulzNamuze says:


  187. PC !.!.!

  188. Avatar JoseMaldonado says:

    i want

  189. Pc Gaming

  190. Avatar dav532000 says:

    Great keyboard for the PC, count me in & thanks

  191. Avatar TheFusionPolicy says:

    PC and Console I do both 😀

  192. Avatar squigglylineman says:

    I’m with PC gaming and this keyboard would help me pwn enemies a lot

  193. Avatar stevenli42 says:


  194. Avatar JIbon PAul says:


  195. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

    Best of Luck guys 🙂

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