Next Steps: Following Up On Geek Insider Posts

Misfit heights zombie puppets

Steampunk MMO. Singing zombie puppets. Banging your friends. In today’s post, I’m following up with some of my previous Geek Insider posts/topics to see what’s happened next.

Misfit heights zombie puppets

I wrote in February about Misfit Heights, the zombie puppet musical debuting at GenCon. Since then, the filmmakers have taken the movie to C2E2, Chicago’s Comic and Entertainment Expo, where it was very popular. They are now selling physical copies of the movie through Amazon. You can get your singing puppet zombies on DVD in your living room now, instead of at a geek convention! PROGRESS!

I also wrote about Bang With Friends, a Facebook app that allows users to secretly check which of their friends they’d be down to, uh, spend quality time with; and then get a message if one of those friends is also down for quality time as well! Writing this piece taught me a valuable lesson about working from coffee shops. TechCrunch reports that Bang With Friends has just acquired their millionth user, so I guess it’s not all tech writers signing up for a laugh. (For a laugh! And for research!  Stop judging me, coffee shop people!)

There’s now a Bang With Friends mobile app for iOs and for Android as well as the Facebook version. The mobile build leads to some really delightful tech journalism:

[Bang With Friends] really makes a whole lot more sense as a mobile app.
Lets say you’re out on the town, hanging out with an old friend. Maybe it’s the wind in their hair; maybe you just never noticed how cute his or her laugh was before. Either way, you’ve got some new funny feelings rumblin’ down in the nethers.
Before today, you really only had two options: you could try to woo them with a nice steak dinner, maybe some bowling, and a Taylor Swift album* playing back at your place. Or you could wait ’till you got home and hope you remember to mark them as a would-be mate, fingers crossed that they use BWF as well.
(* I mean, I assume that’s how you crazy swingin’ singles do things. I’ve been with the same girl for a decade, I’ve got no damn idea how this stuff works anymore. And yeah — even though I gave the significant other a full heads up, testing this app felt like tip-toeing through a friggin’ minefield.)
With the new mobile apps, you could update BWF to reflect your new found feelings on the go. Technology!

Thank goodness Bang With Friends has come along to save us from all the tedious flirting and high-intensity eye contact!

We covered the beta of Mechanist Games’ steampunk MMO City of Steam. City of Steam recently announced one more closed beta, before their open beta (read: live game) launches. The finished game will be a free-to-play browser MMO, monetising on in-world purchases of upgrades and extras.

Finally, I wrote about Robin Arnott’s SoundSelf, a program using computer-generated sound as a meditative aid. The project has been successfully funded through KickStarter, and Robin and the team are working on the new installation. I can’t wait for the full experience.

It’s really exciting to see the growth and evolution of so many projects we covered here at Geek!