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WIN IT! Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Giveaway


Win It!– Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset (MSRP $299.99)

Enter now! Geek Insider is giving away one (1) Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset to a lucky fan! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and win. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Geek Insider on Facebook and share with your friends, as it increases your chances of winning!

Check out our full review of the Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Giveaway Courtesy of Astro Gaming.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Official Rules

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 How to Win

Winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes to win. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before June 15th, 2013. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.


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  1. I prefer Console gaming more because that’s where my friends play But I still love playing games on my PC aswell.

  2. Avatar SamEarl13 says:

    I prefer Console gaming since PC games usually need Stupidly powerful computers just to work. Any gaming with be awesome with a pair of headphones like that though.

  3. Avatar FakeJasonDolley says:

    I prefer PC/Mac gaming over Consoles, but game on both.

  4. Avatar zero110100 says:


  5. I like both the console and PC, both have their pro’s and con’s, but I would say PC, just because you are able to have a better experience with getting the most out of video games (hardware upgrades)

  6. Avatar CarlssonSeb says:

    Sweet giveaway! I’d say I prefer console gaming since it allows me to sit more comfortable, and it works better than with my computer 🙂

  7. Avatar travelluna says:

    consul gaming is what I prefer I like to move with the games

  8. PC games definitely rules for me! 🙂

  9. i always have and always will prefer pc gaming, the keyboard and mouse are SO MUCH more accurate than a clunky controller, and system performance can be amped up, with a console what you get is ALL you get…

  10. Avatar volcombrandon says:

    I play more console than i do pc but i play both.

  11. I love both PC & Console gaming but prefer PC gaming more! 🙂

  12. Avatar Pekin Duck says:

    Mostly console gaming.

  13. Console please!!!

  14. I prefer console gaming

  15. Avatar DavidVonderhaar says:

    I prefer console gaming

  16. Avatar ginajimenezohio says:

    I prefer console gaming

  17. Avatar casjim_video says:

    PC Rulz!!

  18. Avatar JohnShortcut says:

    I prefer Console Gaming! But PC is just as great!

  19. Avatar Darius_Knight says:

    Console gaming all the way!

  20. PC for me

  21. Avatar Azaiatavin says:

    love my Xbox! total console gamer… ok, its because all the games I want to play would make my computer cry

  22. pc for life !

  23. Avatar TennDawg8 says:

    I love both because they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Either way, it’s awesome!

  24. Avatar HatchardShane says:

    I prefer Console gaming.

  25. Avatar ThaBusDriv3r says:

    I love Console when it comes to FPS, but when I need strategy or new experiences, I choose PC.

  26. Avatar GamingEthos says:

    Personally PC because of the keyboard and mouse.

  27. i prefer both console pc

  28. Avatar Stefanex92 says:

    PC….the best way to play game

  29. Avatar Artificial9 says:


  30. Avatar desolatax says:

    PC FTW

  31. Avatar ChiefLandless says:

    I prefer Console. Bit a little PC gaming every now and then doesn’t hurt. Astro products definitely make transitioning easy and problems non-existent though. I love listening to my computer while using my Astro’s on my Xbox – I never miss an email!

  32. Avatar ginterdaniel641 says:

    I prefer console gaming

  33. Avatar snyskillz says:

    I prefer console gaming more I don’t really play PC much

  34. Avatar MaxTheLad says:


  35. Avatar Arnold217_ says:

    PC 😀

  36. Avatar MLGCrushh says:

    Console Gaming, easily.

  37. Avatar BrandonArespoolRoberts says:

    Console due to not being able to afford a good gaming pc lol

  38. PC gaming but this Headset would be great for both!

  39. Avatar KrisLloyd01 says:

    Console. Because everyone I know plays on console.

  40. Avatar TobiasLundquistKittelsen says:

    Only saw this now… really need a new headset, and this is probably one of the best you can get for gaming! 😀

  41. Avatar 14ecassidy says:


  42. Avatar RonaldSmith says:

    For me, I’m not 100% for or against either option.  I love gaming in general, however presently I do tend to play more games on my PC than on console.  Chances are that I would play all of my games on PC if that were an option, but generally speaking I’m impartial to any particular platform.

  43. Avatar TheSunshyn says:

    Definitely PC!

  44. Avatar GabrielAmador says:

    i love headphones

  45. Avatar Jacob12397 says:

    Both console and PC!!

  46. Avatar Waxxxz018 says:

    As of late PC. But with the next gen consoles coming up soon that might change here in the near future. 🙂

  47. Definitely prefer PC gaming.

  48. Avatar EmilRingdahl says:


  49. Avatar Mastercorp says:


  50. PC master race obviously 🙂

  51. Avatar RichardTang says:


  52. Avatar LowellOmandam says:

    both best of both worlds

  53. Avatar AntonioIacobone says:

    PC FTW!

  54. Avatar ThatLadTom says:

    Console gaming most definitely!

  55. Avatar TaylorDavidson says:

    I need a new Headset my friend sat on my old A40s and never paid me for them -_-

  56. Avatar tastycheetah says:

    as of right know i prefer pc gaming but i do play console

  57. Avatar FrostLeonhart says:

    well since i love fps games there is no better then PC for it , but since i’m gamer who loves to try new things i enjoy playing some favorites games on console like metal gear solid <3

  58. Avatar PaulBruckshaw says:

    PC gamer all the way!! 🙂

  59. PC FTW! >:P

  60. Avatar heatherspeaks493 says:

    I perefer console gaming

  61. Avatar Pushaman55 says:

    I prefer console. Never really been a fan of PC, yeah the graphics may be better and what not, but Console is where it’s at =]

  62. Avatar dav532000 says:

    Got to be PC Gaming for me…

  63. PC- Business, Home, and Gaming Use!

  64. Avatar JonnyHernandez2 says:

    Both. this gamer just follows the games~

  65. Avatar Bassani_097 says:


  66. PC gaming!

  67. Avatar Metallman says:

    I would use primarily for consolse gaming but I do have Steam and a “respectable” machine so I would also use it for PC gaming!  
    I have a wired headset and even though it’s cool and all, I would absolutle LOVE a wireless headset.  Everything else in my gaming domain is wireless, so why not my headset as well?  Many thanks!

  68. Avatar WillHolland says:

    I prefer pc gaming.

  69. I’m a console gamer, but I’m going to try to get more into PC gaming.

  70. Avatar JoshWheller says:

    Console, because i love the online mode

  71. Depends on the game and my mood.  I have favorites for both PC and Console!

  72. Avatar King_Ty_89 says:

    Porque no los dos?

  73. Avatar MikeyPenberthy says:


  74. Avatar thewirdo2 says:

    Pc for sure!!

  75. Either of them! Just love me some gaming.

  76. Avatar BurbineLiam says:

    I was looking at the A40 set today and plan on getting them soon but it would be nice to have a set of the A50 to go with them .

  77. Pc gaming for life. :3

  78. Console – PS3 all the way!

  79. Avatar xaolindragon says:

    I prefer PC gaming. I grew up more accustomed to the feel of a keyboard and mouse at my control.

  80. Avatar RageaholicRick says:

    I prefer PC Gaming, cause almost every game runs smoother, and looks better overall on PC.

  81. Avatar mlyonsden10 says:

    PC Gaming all the way!

  82. Avatar DezThePez says:


  83. PC gaming definitely

  84. Avatar DanielMarkussen says:


  85. Avatar RyanBaker says:

    Depends. Probs Console overall though

  86. Pc gaming

  87. Avatar badogski29 says:

    PC gaming!

  88. Console gaming because I can’t drift off into the webz while playing.

  89. Avatar dmpeyerstrikes says:

    I do both. There’s advantages to both, I have people to play with on both. Xbox and Steam/Origin, doesn’t matter. There definitely are better deals on the games on PC, but overall cost is cheaper on console. That’s why both is the way to go, you don’t miss out.

  90. Both for sure

  91. Avatar EnriqueCaraballo says:

    Console Love my PS3

  92. Avatar ChrisCain says:

    Depends on the game

  93. Avatar IvarRomanRojas says:

    PC, Xbox and PS3 gaming definitely!

  94. I’m a triplatform gamer.  (PC, Xbox, PS3

  95. pc

  96. PC> Console all the way.

  97. Avatar kingofthe0zone says:

    niceee, i hope i win this

  98. PS3 is in my blood!

  99. Avatar ChristieGigg says:


  100. Avatar ImNotThePro says:

    Console for me but that’s not saying PC is bad. I just happen to play on console.

  101. Avatar dv8withn8 says:

    Console. Xbox is all I need!

  102. Avatar DreyCarey says:

    I like PC but I’m definitely more into the simplicity in console gaming

  103. Console gaming, because my PC sucks. 🙁

  104. Well, I live and love PC gaming!!

  105. Avatar KermitLuangamath says:

    Been saving for A40s for sooo long but keep having to pay for other things like gas and food. I hope I get this

  106. Avatar AnthonyRoman says:

    i prefer console because i grew up on ps3 but im slowly getting into pc

  107. Avatar metalboxfan says:

    console gaming is preferred.

  108. Avatar KadenWilliamz says:

    I play both PC and Console and I prefer console : )

  109. Avatar WileyScheall says:

    PC gaming all day

  110. Avatar DerekKay54 says:


  111. Avatar FilipeCruz says:

    PC ftw

  112. Avatar BenWallace says:


  113. PC baby!! Even though i own an xbox, i spend 98% of my time on the PC.

  114. I’m a fan of both Consoles and PC.

  115. Avatar JesseDavid1 says:

    I love all consoles.

  116. Avatar ValerioFarina says:


  117. Avatar jonnomateeee says:


  118. Avatar Bjornar Berntsen says:

    PC FTW 🙂

  119. Avatar TylerHacker says:

    i prefer PC

  120. Avatar Rez Delnava says:

    Would be a nice headset for PC gaming. My old Sony Playstation headset is about to expire.

  121. Avatar Chris Gray says:


  122. Avatar MatthewChua says:

    PC 100%

  123. Avatar wolflame5 says:

    PC all the way

  124. Avatar gtkoolaidsman says:


  125. Avatar DanielDafoe says:

    Console. 100%.

  126. Avatar ChrisKnopff says:

    Typically PC.

  127. Avatar lilaznhacker says:

    PC but i got both 😀

  128. I’m leaning more towards PC gaming these days.

  129. PC gaming forever!

  130. Avatar TroyFranks says:

    Love my pc, but I prefer Xbox

  131. Avatar lccderek444 says:

    Really depends on the game. But mostly console…

  132. I love my Xbox 360.

  133. Avatar ookamiwing says:

    PC master race! PC has so much more capability then console. plus you can buy controllers to fit you

  134. Avatar ngengerous says:

    The PC. It’ll always be more powerful and more versatile.

  135. Avatar JohnGrogan says:

    I HAVE PS3. <3 4EVERRR

  136. Avatar BruceNewport says:

    PC all the way

  137. Avatar SeanHelmus says:

    PC Gaming

  138. Console. Come get some

  139. Avatar RileyJohns says:

    PC Gaming is the way to go, but I play some PS3 from time to time.

  140. PC GAMING

  141. Avatar BiscuitDefiler says:


  142. Console Gaming  !

  143. Console for accessibility, but PC for modability.

  144. Avatar rapid4ire says:

    I love console gaming!

  145. Avatar RolandoRuiz says:

    Love to game on any platform, but I prefer PC.

  146. Avatar ChrisTrak says:

    PC. everyday, allday

  147. Avatar salter883 says:

    PC Gaming

  148. Avatar DevilDogH01 says:

    I love my Xbox 360 a crap tone more then any PC

  149. Avatar xTrueCasper says:

    I prefer Colsole Gaming

  150. Avatar HighdefkillsYayo says:

    I prefer for it the PS3 because it can emphasize the wide variety of sound basses it creates..

  151. Avatar Khal Latro says:


  152. Avatar b00mheadshot94 says:

    I like to play FPS games on Console, and all my MMOs on PC but if I had to pick which i played more it would be Console.

  153. PC gaming all day. Way more versitility.

  154. Avatar rushindman24 says:

    pc and ps3

  155. Avatar Hagaren414 says:

    PC Gaming!

  156. Avatar calculatorhead says:

    PC gaming

  157. Avatar moistzombie says:


  158. Avatar SamanthaHoegerl says:


  159. Console gaming

  160. Avatar frahmann234 says:


  161. Avatar MuhammadHassanHaroon says:

    PC Gaming

  162. Avatar EthanEllis says:

    I prefer PC gaming to Console any day. Console gaming has it moments and certain franchises that are console only still leave me a reason to have a console.

  163. Avatar stevenli42 says:

    PC, no doubt.

  164. Avatar KevinBrown1 says:

    PC gaming

  165. Avatar RomanKudryavtsev says:

    Only PC gaming

  166. Avatar juicestain09 says:

    Definitely console gaming!

  167. Console

  168. PC!!!!

  169. I prefer PC simply for the sake of modding and on how mouse provides a better view control.

  170. Avatar _J_enn_y_ says:

    console gaming

  171. Avatar SuvabrataMandal says:

    PC gaming FTW. I use consoles only to play exclusive titles.

  172. Avatar Knite5hade says:


  173. Avatar brandon_r says:

    Console gaming

  174. Avatar kellett007 says:

    Console gaming

  175. Avatar _Xpert_Gamer_ says:

    I prefer PC

  176. Console

  177. Avatar Mun2Urbano says:

    PC Gaming FTW

  178. Avatar khangptit1992 says:

    Thanks for the chance !!

  179. Avatar ChinaGeorgex says:


  180. Avatar KennyMoraga says:


  181. Avatar CatalinAdrian1 says:

    PC gaming

  182. Avatar ksnsaetern says:

    Console gaming ftw!

  183. Avatar buburuza76 says:

    pc gaming

  184. I prefer console gaming because of that you don’t need to upgrade your hardware for so long.

  185. Avatar CarloMasone says:

    PC gaming FTW

  186. Avatar BrianGood says:

    PC for life

  187. Avatar WelshNath says:

    Console Gaming – PS3

  188. Avatar HarrisJosh says:

    Console Gaming

  189. Avatar AlexanderBelkov says:


  190. Avatar AndersAugustSimonsen says:


  191. Avatar CarmenShek says:

    Definitely console gaming

  192. PC!

  193. Avatar TheFreshFifa says:

    Console gaming

  194. Avatar ThomasPeters1 says:


  195. Avatar Jimmy_Wash says:

    PC 😀

  196. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

    Thank you geekinsider and Astro Gaming for this AMAZING Giveaway. i love gaming both via Console or PC, but if i have to choose the best one from them than i would love to pick via PC because i can modify/upgrade my gaming PC station the way i feel it, the way i dream it, the way i enjoy it.

  197. Avatar RoyalDelinquent says:

    PC of course…. 😉

  198. Avatar DenisKrasko says:

    Very stylish HS. Love it.

  199. Avatar xgenzeepee says:

    PC is the BEAST!!!!!

  200. Avatar DmitriySukhanov says:

    PC for sure! ))

  201. Avatar Luis Ruelas says:


  202. Avatar MikkelMach says:


  203. Avatar HenrikLarsson98 says:

    PC usually, but i prefer to play some games on the PS3

  204. Avatar ggsnorlax says:

    PC. I suck at consoles.

  205. Avatar NemkeBesevic says:

    PC and Console

  206. Avatar Mihail Kopein says:

    PC =)

  207. Avatar papaswedine says:

    PC for sure!

  208. PC Gaming !

  209. PC 🙂

  210. Avatar ronin1701 says:


  211. I prefer PC gaming.

  212. Avatar VinoJomalesa says:

    I prefer Console Gaming 🙂

  213. PC the master race

  214. Avatar myMicsonFire says:

    I prefer console gaming…

  215. Avatar Reign_Of_Rain says:

    Prefer console gaming

  216. Avatar MiiSTPhaNToMzz says:


  217. Avatar Inflicties says:

    Console gaming all day. GoW:J<3

  218. Avatar congeloso says:

    console gaming!

  219. Avatar JuanCarlosValdivia says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  220. Avatar LaPulgaMati says:

    I play both, but prefer Console!

  221. Avatar karmatenzin says:

    Console gaming… what else 🙂

  222. All done )

  223. Avatar FerminAvila says:

    PC Gaming

  224. Avatar Aleksandr Ch says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  225. Console!

  226. Avatar LindseyIrving says:

    PC gamer all the way!!!

  227. Avatar JacobProvencher says:

    Console always have but have never had a good gaming pc so my mind could change

  228. Avatar Darthbane2112 says:

    Console gaming for me – just easier that way, I think.

  229. Avatar omarg2696 says:


  230. Avatar AlexanderGenvarev says:


  231. Avatar Atilatr0t says:

    I believe pc is better

  232. Avatar _Xpert_Gamer_ says:

    I prefer PC Gaming

  233. Avatar _Xpert_Gamer_ says:

    I prefer PC 🙂

  234. Avatar MrNerveDamage says:

    I am a console gamer because it is easier to use.

  235. PC for the win

  236. Avatar UgotPwndbyaChic says:


  237. Avatar GinaFerrell1 says:

    I prefer the Console gaming more.

  238. Avatar Crashday35 says:


  239. Avatar ChrisTonthat says:


    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      ChrisTonthat Agreed!

  240. Avatar NicholasDuran says:

    It depends on the games in general. Console games are funner for certain games, while I prefer PC for RTS.

  241. Avatar lamarbowen says:

    I prefer PC gaming; the modding, selection and customized experience is amazing.

  242. Avatar LThomassen says:

    Best headset in the world, desperately in need of one haha!

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      @LThomassen It totally is! Good Luck!

  243. Avatar JeffreyCarson says:

    Console gaming! It’s much more social (for me) and I prefer the hand held controller via Xbox than getting hand cramps trying to use a mouse and keyboard. Sorry.

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      JeffreyCarson I totally get where you’re coming from! It give me a good excuse to by new, ergonomic PC gaming gear ^.^

      1. Avatar JeffreyCarson says:

        Hey hey… you’ve got a point there kiddo. I might as well replace the old gaming rig while I’m at. Its rather archaic and collecting dust. Looking forward to the next gen Xbox revelation on the 21st

        1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

          JeffreyCarson Well we have another giveaway going on for an AWESOME gaming keyboard….check it out!

  244. Avatar CantonCathy says:

    I like the PC better

  245. Avatar LuisIzaguirre says:

    I actually perfer console because all my friends use console. i dont have the computer to handle games

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      LuisIzaguirre It can be a challenge to own a computer fast enough to handle modern games. Consoles do make it much easier! Thanks for entering!

  246. I choose console gaming.

  247. PC for me

  248. Avatar maniacsweepstakes says:

    i need it

  249. Avatar maniacsweepstakes says:

    need my pc

  250. Avatar AdrianAugustinM says:


  251. Avatar David_Leavitt says:

    I love console gaming unless it’s an RTS, then it’s PC all the way!

  252. Avatar crossbred900 says:


  253. Avatar ThEvilHasLanded says:

    Would love to get my hands on these

  254. would like Gaming console

  255. Avatar AndreasNiggemann says:

    AWESOME Prize  !!

  256. Avatar curtis206 says:


  257. Avatar Asperyules says:

    PC, thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      Asperyules You are most welcome!

  258. i would like a free pair of these!

  259. Pc gaming

  260. Avatar MrSadler64 says:

    Both, Minecraft on PC and Xbox Games!

  261. Avatar Ghost5325 says:

    Stuff is cool

  262. Avatar KevinJohnson2 says:

    PC Games

  263. pc gaming

  264. Avatar KulsoomFatima says:

    i choose both 🙂

  265. Avatar Chris9710 says:

    PC for life, grew up with it.

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      Chris9710 Totally! Remember the old MUD Client games?

  266. Avatar Chaos_Infintium says:

    I’m a bit more PC gaming nowadays.

    1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      Chaos_Infintium  Me too! What do you play?

      1. Avatar Chaos_Infintium says:

        Faith ONeil 
         Bit of everything, with my finances a bit tight doing a few more F2P’s then I used to. Neverwinter, STO, LoL, few others. I do miss WoW though

        1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

          Chaos_Infintium  Nice! Neverwinter is still in beta right? I need to try it out. LoL is fun, but if i’m going to play something that mouse heavy, I’d rather play StarCraft. I miss WoW too..that got way too pricey!

  267. Avatar LittleBabyNutz says:


  268. Avatar JessicaAlexander1 says:

    both now a days

  269. Avatar RodTrevizan says:

    PC Games

  270. I prefer PC gaming.

  271. Avatar calvinlu92 says:

    Although console gaming is what I grew up with (Super Nintendo), I have grown to love the ability to easily customize and upgrade when it comes to PC gaming, so that is what I have come to love today.

  272. Avatar azn_diplomat says:

    pc will always triumph!

  273. Avatar MargaretE.Smith says:

    I like PC gaming best

  274. I prefer console gaming myself.

  275. Avatar diehl_stephen says:


  276. Avatar HubertMarczak says:

    pc for live

  277. I prefer console over PC!!!

  278. PC 4 lyfe!

  279. I really prefer pc because of all the stuff you can do like modding, etc rather than consoles

  280. Avatar john117117117 says:

    console gaming!!!!!

  281. Avatar itz_m3_rusher says:

    Console Gaming

  282. Avatar Mackativity says:


  283. Avatar mjwhitmore89 says:

    Nothing Beats chilling on my couch playing Sony. I was only talking about needing a headset yesterday, as my wife has started studying again so it would be perfect for me to put my Astros on and kill things without distracting her =]

  284. Avatar SyahmiHarun says:

    Astro headphone, Awesome

  285. I prefer PC as all of my games are on there, but I believe PC and console gaming are required to co-exist. Without console, most PC games would be nothing but graphical overhauls and no new game mechanics. Without PC, there would be nothing (or it would be very hard) to develop console games on.

  286. Avatar SueBarney says:

    Console Gaming!

  287. Avatar alphacharlie110 says:

    PS3 console and a pc/mac

  288. Avatar Luis Ruelas says:

    PC FTW

  289. PC Gaming Forever!

  290. Avatar NICKIEISIS3 says:

    pc all the way

  291. Avatar JosefCortezCagas says:

    i prefer pc gaming

  292. Avatar CDavisOnline says:

    PC Gaming FTW

  293. PC gaming

  294. Avatar John Allen Merquita says:

    both. who cares really?

  295. Console

  296. I entered the SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Giveaway
     abfantom at yahoo dot com

  297. I prefer console gaming 
    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  298. I prefer console gaming

  299. Avatar nick_bryan_99 says:

    I prefer console more than PC.

  300. Avatar ravengoth says:

    I prefer console gaming because its uncomfortable to sit in front of the pc for long periods of time.

  301. Avatar LC_Tenorman says:

    I have moments on both, but for as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve had a console to game on

  302. im a console gamer

  303. Avatar CrisisXVII says:

    I love Astro. Great brand. <3

  304. Avatar Broskander says:

    PC Gamer all the WAY!

  305. I’m actually a little bit of both lol, I play Competitive CoD on Xbox as well as League of Legends on PC.

  306. Avatar Zaryn Dunn says:

    Xbox is my main gaming station but I’ve been playing a lot of PC games.

  307. Avatar spikeyLoki says:

    I much prefer PC Games because i’m always infront of the PC the whole day. Like my life revolves around it. 🙂

  308. Avatar ianseries says:

    I can make it..

  309. Avatar FrostLeonhart says:

    i’m fps player on pc ^^

  310. I’ve always played on PS3 and a little Xbox, but I have recently started playing all types of different games on PC and I think PC is way better.

  311. I do like both and try to balance the two. Choosing one is like asking someone to pick which kid is their favorite.

  312. Avatar razzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:


  313. Avatar Stephanie Larison says:

    Console for me.

  314. Avatar TAVOBLACKWALLIN says:

    console never got into pc gaming

  315. Avatar DavidBrillantes says:

    Depends who I’m playing with. Some friends play PC, some friends play XBOX or PS3. No point in playing games if you have no one to play with.

  316. Avatar SickPigeon says:

    Console gaming, it’s easier, cheaper and more friends console game

  317. Avatar CapnKrunchy says:

    PC all the way.

  318. Avatar ZenCastroResurreccion says:

    PC… FTW!

  319. Definitely PC Gaming. I can’t really compare it with anything else.

  320. Def PC gaming :3

  321. Avatar Brady Wallace says:

    PC gaming right now because my PS2 no longer works.

  322. PC

  323. PC gaming (:

  324. Avatar Roxas3510 says:

    I commented 😀

  325. Console cod

  326. Avatar sqixlambeno says:

    PC all the way

  327. PC for sure.

  328. PC cause you can interact more

  329. Avatar SpaarkyOG says:

    Ehhh im not sure which one i like better.

  330. Avatar 1337Myst1caL says:

    pc gaming !

  331. Avatar Royal8Jake says:

    looks good!

  332. PC!

  333. Avatar LakeB0d0mKiller says:

    Console! I like the feel of the controller versus the keyboard.

  334. pc gaming, never liked consoles

  335. pc gaming

  336. Avatar innocentguy says:


  337. Avatar FrostLeonhart says:

    fps = pc = <3

  338. Avatar squigglylineman says:

    PC gaming, no contest.

  339. Avatar StylifyYourBlog says:

    PC Gaming is my choice

  340. PC gaming 🙂

  341. Avatar RapidGamingTv says:


  342. Avatar VashTheStampede says:

    PC gaming all the way!

  343. Avatar UTEddieYi says:

    I love console gaming 🙂 xbox all the way

  344. Avatar AndrewJamesStair says:

    PC Gaming since I do not own any consoles at the moment.

  345. I’m a PC gamer because i like my games to look as good as they play, also i like the precision of a mouse and keyboard better.

  346. Avatar porkleaker says:

    PC! Pc is master race and consoles are so beta.

  347. Avatar DerekKay54 says:

    PC Gaming > All.

  348. Sweetness.

  349. Shizam Headset, dang I need one 😛

  350. PC+Console = Me 😀

  351. Avatar ShempGames says:

    We are mostly console and handheld around here.

  352. Avatar omglazerkittens says:


  353. Avatar ZeybekTolga says:


  354. PC. All the way!

  355. Avatar RyanWGleason says:

    I play games where ever they come out!

  356. Avatar byRoMaN259 says:

    Good Luck to every one!

  357. I play in the both. But i prefer pc.  😀

  358. Avatar G33kGrrly says:

    Gamer girls need more headsets! Represent! ;-D

    1. @G33kGrrly There’s a ton of gamer girls out there and I’m glad to see that you’re representing them! 🙂  Good Luck!

  359. Avatar JosephBolton says:

    I prefer PC gaming. Better for video production

  360. Avatar MatthewCutajar1 says:


    1. MatthewCutajar1 Thank you so much for your support. We are glad you’re enjoying the site and be sure to stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!

  361. I prefer console but I’m starting to appreciate PC more and more these days

  362. I prefer console (xbox) over pc , pc takes to much to keep running and cost to much

  363. Avatar SwannyBlack says:

    Everyone is console around here 🙂

  364. Avatar jteek2000 says:

    Mostly PC gamer..just use phone or tablet as time killers

  365. Console gaming

  366. Console gaming fer dyyyyyyzzzzzz

  367. Avatar jragonsoul says:

    Pc gamer, I used to switch between more but I really don’t like where console gaming is headed.

  368. Avatar DarrickBaker says:

    I want to win this!

  369. Avatar Alexandr Arlashkin says:

    PC, because more games need mouse

  370. Avatar JodyCowan says:

    Gaming Console

  371. Avatar VikkiBillings says:

    I prefer PC

  372. Avatar JimmyPhommachanh says:

    Console: All my friends play consoles.

  373. Avatar Patricia Shaffery says:

    prefer console gaming

  374. Avatar BrianIMdiesel says:

    I like console gaming but they are getting out of hand with DLC and no backward compatibility. I don’t think I’ll be buying a next gen console.

  375. Avatar InfeXioN_Emma says:

    I prefer the pc!

  376. Avatar ChristopherLewis says:

    i personally love pc gaming to console due to me having better graphics,  more accuracy with certain games, i can customize my pc to what ever i want it to do.

  377. Avatar ScionofFlame says:

    PC gaming all the way, but I can’t live without those delicious console exclusives sometimes.

  378. Avatar Joshgotsmusic says:


  379. I play xbox

  380. Avatar stevenli42 says:


  381. xbox

  382. I prefer the pc!

  383. Avatar ArifRahmanFadilah says:

    I prefer PC because it gives more performance and complexity.. the graphics quality is higher than console

  384. Avatar cri8tive08 says:

    I want in this   what a great prize

  385. Avatar Heisenberg_25 says:

    Console gaming. Was never a big fan of PC.

  386. Avatar JeraldineTolentino says:


  387. PC

  388. Avatar MyreneGuinabo says:

    PC Gaming!

  389. Avatar JamesSemaj says:

    I prefer PC gaming

  390. Avatar Patricia Shaffery says:

    prefer console

  391. Avatar Saimonalex says:

    PC Gaming

  392. Avatar ChrisTrak says:

    PC Gaming…All Day!

  393. Avatar cri8tive08 says:

    I would like to win this

  394. Avatar McFlyinCA says:

    Console gaming for now.

  395. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

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    Have the Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset I wish tonight!

    1. Avatar Sonia Ingriselli says:

      LOL That was awesome!

  396. Avatar HansOttoMeier says:

    I prefer Console gaming

  397. Avatar OregonSlacker says:

    PC gaming is the best, Console gaming while wasy to get into and lower priced will never have the video capabilities nor accuracy compared the video card upgrades and mouse/keyboard playstyle in PC gaming.. Consoles are a good way for younger people who know nothing about PC’s to be able to get online, play mature games they shouldn’t and talk trash that if there parent heard them , would probably have most grounded for a week…. Did I say PC Gaming BTW? lol

  398. Avatar Rusu Alexandru says:


  399. Avatar SilverrrV2 says:

    I love both, PC and Xbox/console gaming!

  400. Avatar cri8tive08 says:

    I did everything I guess i am in it to win it

  401. Avatar marika200 says:

    Prefer Console gaming for now

  402. I enjoy console gaming a lot, I play competitive on xbox.

  403. I enjoy pc gaming

  404. Avatar Aeroxidize says:

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  405. Avatar BubuiPalaboy says:

    PC of course. The ability to change anything I see fit is the deal breaker for me as consoles are closed systems.

  406. Avatar AnatolyVinokurov says:

    Only PC

  407. Avatar SergOspishev says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  408. Avatar A_Mau5_Anthony says:

    nothing beats pc

  409. Avatar SergOspishev says:


  410. Console gaming!

  411. Avatar SummerAngel says:

    PC, of course. Although I play console more, PC is what I prefer. I just need a new hard drive so I can game more often on PC.

  412. pc master race

  413. Avatar Burgio_Nick says:


  414. Avatar jjcecilio says:

    PC FTW!

  415. Avatar MarcJavier10 says:

    PC FTW!

  416. Avatar SergOspishev says:

    i want to win  but Good luck to everyone!Thanks for the contest

  417. SamEarl13 
    I would say for now consoles

  418. Avatar Francisco says:


  419. PC FOR THE WIN!!

  420. Avatar brian wall says:

    ALWAYS preferred PC gaming 😀

  421. Avatar ZenCastroResurreccion says:

    PC ma men

  422. Avatar RD_StateOf_Mind says:

    I’d  prefer PC 🙂

  423. Avatar Dawn Paterson says:

    cool stuff, pc gaming 🙂

  424. Avatar NathanJhon says:

    PC all DAY!

  425. Avatar SergOspishev says:

    PC FTW!

  426. Avatar Dudesman900 says:

    PC gaming!! Eventhough I don’t have a PC I acknowledge that it is a better platform

  427. PC all the way!

  428. Avatar selectgameboy says:


  429. Avatar cri8tive08 says:

    did everything to be in it to win it

  430. I’ve been console gaming more lately, but I do both.

  431. Avatar LuigiNigrelli says:


  432. Avatar YedavilliVSaimadhav says:

    pc gaming

  433. PC Gaming.

  434. Avatar TheFusionPolicy says:


  435. I play mainly consoles but PC has something that consoles don’t.  So right now I would say PC beats consoles.

  436. Avatar AlessioAgrusti says:

    amazing headset 😀

  437. Avatar AntonellaTogato says:

    PC Gaming.

  438. Avatar Dr. Yiggles says:

    PC Gaming

  439. Avatar SandyKlocinski says:


  440. I prefer pc gaming

  441. pc gaming!!

  442. I prefer PC games

  443. Avatar RebekahArnold1 says:


  444. Avatar Panzerschreck says:

    I prefer PC gaming.

  445. Avatar Vegeta100 says:

    i prefer pc gaming

  446. Avatar BarryCloudBradshaw says:

    PC gaming forever 🙂

  447. Avatar BillBarnes says:

    I prefer PC Gaming

  448. Avatar NancyFiorenza says:

    thank you for the chance

  449. I prefer PC Gaming

  450. Avatar guesshu_79 says:

    I prefer PC gaming since one deosn’t require any specialized hardware/software and it is a multiutalitatianr too 🙂

  451. I prefer PC

  452. Avatar LulzNamuze says:

    All platforms!

  453. Avatar BillBarnes says:

    Join in and Good luck to all

  454. PC for now.

  455. Avatar JoseMaldonado says:

    i want

  456. Avatar BrendaWitherspoon-Bedard says:

    console for us

  457. Avatar Alexander Co says:

    PC Gaming!!!

  458. PC Gaming

  459. Avatar cri8tive08 says:


  460. Avatar will_hare says:


  461. Avatar LorenaKeech says:

    PC gaming

  462. Avatar thephoenix3000 says:

    PC prefered, but all forms of gaming enjoyed from console to mobile to board games to pen and paper.

  463. Avatar JasonThao says:

    PC Gaming for most, Console, for others

  464. Avatar Wanda Bergman says:

    I prefer console gaming.

  465. Avatar fangirljen says:

    PC please

  466. Avatar RileyMcGriff says:

    Pc #1 🙂

  467. Avatar garrettyu says:

    Console gaming

  468. Avatar Sam Nicko says:

    Best Of Luck guys ^_^

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