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Win It! Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMT HD GPS Giveaway!

Win It! – Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMT HD GPS Unit

Enter for a chance to win one (1) Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMT HD GPS Unit with Lifetime Free Maps and Traffic. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter and win!

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Winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes to win. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before April 30th, 2014 at 12:00am EST. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.


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  1. Sarah Grace says:

    I have travelled up and down West Coast a number of times. Usually Vancouver to Los Angeles – Los Angeles to Vancouver. A Garmin GPS would probably save me both time and money finding the best course. There are a number of favorite stops along the way, I’d love to bookmark, so if need be, I can find again to share with friends/family.

  2. My son and I went to the Smokies Mountains and had a wonderful time camping. Although,it would have been great to have a GPS at the time. This would be really handy on my next camping trip.

  3. Sarah Grace says:

    Would be handy for my travels up and down the West Coast. Made comment here before 1st time I entered but never showed up…. Was it too long or descriptive? lol. I know I didn’t say anything offensive.

  4. Paul Benson says:

    Nice! Will help me navigate the traffic at conventions.

  5. Mitch Travis says:

    We travel much of the time with our trailer in tow. The navigation will add to my old truck as my wife and I expand our travels to multiple states.

  6. I love Florida – and when we stay there the Garmin GPS will help us to find our way to some places quickly and save

  7. Garmin will help me and my family looking for the best places in Italy where to go on vacation and start a new adventure..without fear of losing ourself

  8. Bjørnar Berntsen says:

    i have a tendency to get lost, so this would help me stay on the right path 😀

  9. Dmitriy Sukhanov says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  10. Kostya Finchuk says:

    I want !

  11. Микола Обізюк says:

    Awesome GPS device thank you geekinsider

  12. Victor Obizyuk says:

    Nice! Will help me navigate the traffic at conventions.

  13. Viktor Gregorenko says:


  14. +1

  15. Roman Kudryavtsev says:

    Done steps

  16. Arif Raza says:

    This thing is amazing, i would be mine 🙂 Thanks geekinsider!!!!

  17. Hugo Andrade says:

    wont have to use my phone as a gps

  18. Виталик Панков says:

    Cool )

  19. Yana Kolomijets says:

    Awesoom )

  20. Walter_Stolz says:

    Garmin will help me and my family to find the right way.

  21. ashar ataat says:

    we were gone PAkistan northen areas trip with all family ,sufered coz we didnt had any Gps gadget , If i win this So its Honour 2 me ,Garmin will help me to find places easily in any trip 2 any where..

  22. Roman Khomynets says:

    I am planning a trip to Portugal, and navigation is useful because the last time I was quite difficult to find the right place.

  23. José Luís Alves says:

    Not a great story but one time me and my family went early for some vacation and we spent more time (until night) searching for a place to stay instead of taking a walk and enjoying the vacation.
    Well, at least with a GPS now we could save that time of searching and enjoy it with more leisurely activities 😀

  24. Alice Sisilia Melo says:

    My husband is not someone that asks for directions, even when we’re lost, Garmin gps will unsure we get to our destination, which in turn relaxes both myself and my husband. 🙂

    My fondest memories was our trip to Disney, which was a 2hr ride. Both my parents tried to out do the other by sneaking extra spending money to me O___O and saying don’t tell your mom/dad. Imagine their surprise when I walked up to both of them with a $60 goofy hat, some light up portable fan, and snacks. (I was 11yrs old and not a very wise spender but I sure did have fun)

  25. There were so many good ones it’s hard to choose. Up to Canada and Niagara Falls and Grimsby Beach, that was pretty good.

  26. Peggy Johnson says:

    Our favorite vacation is camping in the TN mountains. This GPS would be great for our future adventures

  27. Nikhil Narkhede says:

    i haven’t been on the vacations much but me and my friends have planned for a Goa road trip so it will surely help us .

  28. Denise Adams says:

    Back quite a few years ago, we went on a family vacation to the beach in RI. My mom has a horrible sense of direction. We started for home and ended up in downtown Providence…. then we kept ending up back in the SAME spot at least 3 more times. My dad was so mad! Too bad there weren’t GPS’s back then because she sure could have used one!

    It’s always a smoother trip when you don’t have to worry about whether your directions are accurate, this Garmin would take that out of our travel plans.

  29. Super.Will help me navigate the traffic at conventions.

  30. I like to take my family to the beach, and this device will help us find new locations and save time since we won’t get lost.

  31. Jefferson King says:

    Too many to choose from and this item will help find accurate locations and be able to use my bluetooth.

  32. Bonnie Caselman says:

    Who needs to go on vacation to need this?! I can get lost going across town!

  33. Brandi Price says:

    My favorite was our very first FAMILY vacation after my husband and I had our son. We wouldn’t get lost with this nice GPS though!

  34. Dan Valentin says:

    We spent almost a day figuring where to go, wich routes to take in order to arrive at Dobiacco, Italy. No GPS with us, so we had to ask locals, but they only spoke german. It was hard to find it, but we did it finally. So now I really wish we had a GARMIN GPS.

  35. Tina Marie McCallum says:

    Last vacation was to florida. I used my iPhone for navigation which really drained the battery. Having a separate device for navigation would be so much better!

  36. sarah sar says:

    My favourite family vacation was when we drove to Montreal. We didn’t have a GPS at the time so we got lost while looking for the Cosmodome in Laval. We ended up finding it eventually but think of the time and gas we could’ve saved if he had a GPS in the car!

  37. We usually go to beaches on the other province, and it’s quite hard to navigate since we usually forget to bring a map for easier navigation.

  38. Road trip to Disney World.We got lost five times and ended up on closed road in the pouring rain..a GPS would have been nice 🙂

  39. blessedta says:

    We like to take road trips. The GPS would help us get there.

  40. chris trak says:

    I travel alot for my work…..much needed.

  41. mightymomof3boyz says:

    We are like The Griswold family my husband swears he knows where he is going and we get lost evertime and never arrive to our destination on time it can be very frustraiting when you have a 2 and 5 year old who have been in the car to long…thank you for the chance to win

  42. I don’t travel a lot but when I do I always need directions, that’s what I get for living in the sticks!

  43. Outrun1986 says:

    This GPS would allow me to go more places without having to worry about getting lost

  44. John Buscher says:

    Road trip to London Bridge got stuck in indian nations for two hours lost is a small word, to kids we where just exploring

  45. would love to win it for my hubby – he drives all over for work!

  46. Love To Win It For Myself.I Have to Travel By Myself.It Would Be Very Helpful To Me..

  47. Jay Martyn Tiplady says:

    went to lanzarote a couple years back, god to hold an eagle and i was 15 😛

  48. My favorite vacation was when my parents took me to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. All the chocolate was heaven for me. The rides were fun to.

  49. Jessica Berry says:

    Would love to win to take on all my journeys so I don’t get lost!

  50. Victoria Ess says:

    We used to take weekend trips to New Jersey all the time to visit family,and even now, I still love road trips. The NUVI would help make my next road trip with my partner more memorable by giving us more confidence to explore off the beaten path!

  51. Andreas Niggemann says:

    The we can make vacation to other countries.. My last vacation was a trip to england.

  52. Al Sparks says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  53. I remember a trip to France where a wrong turn took us nearly 50 miles in the wrong direction – not good when you don’t speak the language – a NUVI would’ve made the trip a lot easier!

  54. Most of ours have been spent getting lost in the woods. Hopefully this will stop that from happening.

  55. Jakub Brenišin says:

    Ahh, trip to spain, so much sun and those beautiful beaches *o*

  56. Chris Knopff says:

    I have family that lives quite a ways away. We make the trek out once per year, and this would be one of those systems that can make detours on our way that much nicer.

  57. It would be a perfect helper, when me and my fiance are traveling through Europe (we visit our family) and it would be better than maps 🙂

  58. it’s our road trip from California to Las Vegas. There were a lot of great places to stop by and take pictures but we didn’t know the way so we didn’t dare to stop. We were lost for so many times that the journey took about 12 hours to reach. we were so tired we didn’t have the energy to tour anywhere in Las Vegas the next day. Wish we had this Garmin GPS to help make our next trip more fun and memorable.

  59. Mike Bratek says:

    We are going to have to drive from Ohio to Nebraska in July for a rollerskating nationals and this will come in handy for the long roadtrip.

  60. My favourite family vacation was to hawaii and the Garmin GPS would have definitely helped there since the streets in hawaii are all over the map and sometimes you have to drive through small neighbourhoods just to get to the big highway.

  61. heatherspeaks493 says:

    My favorite vacation was the road trip to Ocean City last summer

  62. Douglas Schwartz says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  63. Brandy Davis says:

    We took a trip to Louisiana and ended up in the swamps. Wish we would have had a Garmin then. LOL

  64. Oliver Wiegand says:

    Wow nice Giveaway. LG Oliver

  65. seesoccer says:

    My family and I traveled to Baltimore. Long story short we got lost several times and a GPS would have helped tremendously!

  66. My favorite family vacation was to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. We often get a bit lost when heading there so a gps would be a great help.

  67. We drove to the Grand Canyon and took the wrong exit.

  68. Our favorite family story is of a day trip to Kings Island when I was a young girl. Dad insisted he knew how to get there and didn’t need to look at a map. It was to be an hour long drive or so. Three states later, we figured out how to return home and had to reschedule our day trip. Dad needs GPS. NEEDS IT. lol

  69. Chuck Robinson says:

    Travel more, get lost less!

  70. David Harlow says:

    We drove to Branson Missouri…..I got lost. If I had a GPS I wouldn’t get lost as much.

  71. steve weber says:

    My favorite family vacation was when I was small and we traveled to Florida, we took a detour because we got lost, so it would’ve been amazing to have a device like this back then.

  72. Janos Jaksa says:

    We love to visit far away places in the country, and last year we were circling for an hour around the place we were looking for, because the gps in my phone is pretty lame, so i’d love to use a real one next time. Also that vacation turned out to be one of the best, not long before our daughter was born. Good luck everyone!

  73. I’ve only ever been on a couple family vacations, and they have all been out to Victoria BC to see family. This would have been great because each and every time we have gone, we got lost driving in Vancouver.

  74. MintaBoggs says:

    My favorite family vacation is going to Tenessee in the smokies and let me tell you we get lost quite a bit. Staying in the cabins are nice but sometimes we just never find our way around all the twists and turns of the roads. I know this awesome Garmin would be amazing on our trips!

  75. Rebby Roberts says:

    Our fave vacay is a road trip to Tofino. There are so many little hidden roads and beaches, and my old Garmin helped me find all those special places!

  76. Enrique Herrera says:

    My favorite family vacation was a family trip to St. Louis! I had visited there to attend my uncles wedding. A truly unforgettable time. Besides the trip, the Garmin GPS will help us work wonders for everyday use. Whether we travel to an unfamiliar suburb or visit a distant relative, I would love to have the assurance of using the Garmin GPS everywhere we go. It’ll be our, “Guardian Angel” for every road trip! XD

  77. tired of getting lost when going to new places

  78. Stephanie Owens says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Six Flags over Texas. This Garmin GPS would give us peace of mind in not getting lost.

  79. Flayest Ameur says:

    I really like to have journeys with my family , and this GPS device i believe that we will never get lost and we can go more farther we

  80. Barry Bradshaw says:

    we love going to the lake district this would come in very handy but best of luck to all

  81. We are planning our first trip to Louisianna and Alabama and this would really come in handy because we have never been there before!

  82. splattered says:

    I generally use my cellphone for GPS but when I’m on roadtrips that sometimes just doesn’t cut it! Would love to win this!

  83. Laura Lemons says:

    My favorite was our vacation to Walt Disney World many years ago. We could have used a Garmin to find our choice of restaurants and other places we wanted to drive to and see in the rental vehicle.

  84. My favorite vacation was a road trip to Vegas. GPS would have made that trip better and saved us more time to do things we wanted by keeping us from getting lost.

  85. Linda Meranda says:

    Our favorite vacation was when we lived in Germany for 2 years and decided to taken a long weekend trip in the Black Forest. would have really come in handy then and now with hubby & I being 60. It would choose the best way instead of us arguing about it. (: Thanks

  86. Lorena Keech says:

    I’m not sure it was our favorite, but we toured the Badlands and I’m sure a GPS would have made a much more efficient trip.

  87. Faithful Sentinel says:

    Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

  88. Jorge Rodrigues says:

    we go alot on family vacations and sometimes we get lost and no cell reception. so thats why im running for this giveaway.

  89. margaretimecs says:

    We always get lost on our vacation, a GPS would be a lifesaver for us ans peace of mind.

  90. john hutchens says:

    we were travelling to the smoky mountains and got lost several times because we wanted a scenic route. The gps would have made it less stressful

  91. During a trip to one of my favorite places (Jekyll Island, GA), we drove an hour in a massive square just because my cheap GPS was set to “No U Turns” (the highway entrance was only a 1/4 mile away!). Let’s just say that GPS is no longer with us!

  92. We drove from the gulf coast to Canada. This GPS would have been very helpful with road and route suggestions.

  93. i need gps, dont know how to use paper maps

  94. laroyal06 says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Jackson Hole, Wy in Sept and hiking in the Tetons…so much beauty. A trusty GPS comes in handy when you don’t have the time to figure out routes or last minute trip ideas.

  95. Ron Ablang says:

    In the Philippines, this would sure help us find some places, especially since we don’t always have an internet connection.

  96. Kelly Greenwood says:

    My favorite trip was our trip to Kentucky. We visited some caves and did other fun touristy things. The GPS would be great for my family since we don’t have a great sense of direction, it would definitely keep us from getting lost.

  97. I drove to Maine and the GPS that we had helped us immensely! I would love to road trip to the grand canyon at some point and need a trusty GPS unit!

  98. When we drove from Winston Salem,NC to Virginia we got lost several time and my parents were like shall we go back.Its ok we can go later. That was a very bad experience driving with maps and not GPS. Later we bought a GPS and that keeps freezing all the time especially in downtowns and airports. We missed out flight in Atlanta because of the GPS. A new GPS would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  99. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I decided to drive to florida because we had never done that before and it would be fun. Several people told me it was so very easy and straightforward and they could not have been more wrong. I am good until i have to get off the highway to gas up, eat etc then everything goes to hell. Needless to say i got lost several times and even got back on the highway (in the wrong direction – hey it was dark!). The Garmin GPS would have saved my sanity and my self respect. Thanks for the chance.

  100. Ada Miller says:

    Our 1st family trip to the beach we didn’t have a GPS & was so lost. Would be helpful to have a GPS so trips didn’t take longer than they had to to get there.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  101. trudi okeefe says:

    we go fossiling alot to dig out awesome meg teeth and rare shells but alot of the time we have know idea where we are going and get very lost this prize would be a godsend and save alot of arguements

  102. Nikki Hunsaker says:

    Heehee I forgot my gps one night after leaving Six Flags. Cosidering it took me 3 hours to make a 1 and a half hour trip.. I will NEVER leave home without directions again!

  103. Adam Donaldson says:

    As a documentary film maker, GPS is important for me getting around unfamiliar cities and news lands, and cuts down on time.

  104. it would be great as when we go out of town on day or two trips we seem to get lost and this would help instead of using a map It would definately be a great thing to own

  105. tricia jorke says:

    We drove to South Dakota and camped across the state as we went. A gps would have been handy as we turned around a lot.

  106. Jane Jakins says:

    going to the zoo each summer and getting lost

  107. I took my daughter to Huntington Beach, CA and we are both country girls. Needless to say I would not have made it without the use of the Garmin in the rental car!!!!!

  108. Mary Vantil says:

    We love to geocache as a family and if we had this little beauty, we would leave not geocache unfound Thanks for the chance!

  109. Florida to Colorado. No GPS, just a regular Atlas.
    I never had any “fancy” a GPS would be a great update.

  110. my last trip was driving to Washington and I was lost for 3 hours making u-turns and not finding the right exits. I would never be lost and late again with this GPS..Yea!

  111. Debbie Petch says:

    My mother, me and my two younger brothers went on a California trip. The highways were very confusing. We could see our hotel but we could not find the proper exit to get to it. We drove around in circles for hours until the police pulled us over because mom was so tired she was swerving. They finally gave us the proper directions and it was such a relief to get to our rooms!

  112. Brittiny Reeves says:

    Driving with small children yelling in the back seat always keeps things interesting! We had a road trip from California to Washington State with our 4 little ones….this GPS would have helped us stay on track and not get lost (which happened several times due to an outdated map!)

  113. I went to Baltimore, MD and we couldn’t find the aquarium and we drove past it three times! This would help us find places way better.

  114. I have a GPS and I don’t know how I would live without one. It has been a life saver for me driving from the US to within Canada, back and fort and just getting around in places that are unfamiliar to me. My first one the battery quit taking a charge and so I bought another. Well now this one I have is having little glitches and I believe it is almost time for a new one again. Just can’t be or go without these little devices! They are great. This Garmin would be great and if I were to win, it couldn’t go to a better supporter of this product!! I’d love being the recipient.!! Absolutely!! 100%

  115. robert curtis says:

    great vaca when i went to south beach and they put me on burn nitice tv show as an extra

  116. this will help us not get lost there for we will have more time to have fun since the last weekend get away we had we where lost half the time we where gone!

  117. Rita Corey says:

    I always spend a lot of time getting lost and going in circles when on vacations. I could really use this GPS!

  118. Doris Gardner says:

    drove up to san diego 🙂

  119. scubabumster says:

    Driving to Yosemite with no cell phone coverage. Ended up seeing a lot more of the scenery (ie got lost).

  120. Shirley Smith says:

    I drove from Pittsburgh to Maine, Boy it would have been nice to have this Garmin Nuvi Gps to help us out with stops and learning some short cuts.

  121. Darci Paice-Bailey says:

    My son has his drivers licence and is determined to go on a road trip this summer, I will be going with him but would appreciate the guidance a GPS would give him because I know he tends to have a bit of a stubborn streak and not listen to what I have to say lol!

  122. Mya Murphy says:

    I am one for getting to my destination and having a blast once I get there. Having a Garmin would help me to my destination faster and easier. It sure would make a better trip for everyone!!

  123. Kirsten Kimball says:

    Road trip from WA to Santa Rosa, California. We went down the coast, jaunted over to Crater Lake, back to I-5 and down to my dad’s. A trip to San Francisco once we settled in Santa Rosa, plus a trip to San Jose. We used a lot of maps and THIS would have been a lot less stressful. 🙂

  124. Ty Williams says:

    My favorite family vacation was a trip to South Beach. We were unfamiliar with the area so we drove around in circles a lot. We eventually found our way to all of the people and places we wanted to visit.

  125. Sean Power says:

    we went to chehalis lake in bc, canada and went fishing in the river that comes off of it, drinking beer… it was so fun… i think i was around 9 when we did this. the gps would have made it easier to get up there, because we kept getting lost.

  126. Maegan Morin says:

    It would be make it a memorable vacation because there would be a whole lot less arguing lol

  127. sharon shafran says:

    we drove across the united states before the gps was out we had fun and saw some out of the way places a gps would have made it easier to find places to stay

  128. denise donaldson says:

    My favorite vacation was to Silver Dollar City. I would have never found it, if it wasnt for GPS 🙂 It will make the next one more memorable, because I can go anywhere, and not get lost. 🙂

  129. Robin Lynn Cabrini says:

    I have a garmin watch and I love it, I also have a very old garmin navi that is out of life now and is enjoying retirement.. It would be so nice to have a new one.

  130. Judy Thomas says:

    We drove around Northland in New Zealand but got lost a few times.This would save all that time we spent trying to find out where we were.

  131. On our family vacation a few years back, we got lost in a place we weren’t so familiar with just because we didn’t have a gps. This would be a great help with future family road trips!

  132. We drove to NY. The GPS would help

  133. EnricaArrigo says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Paris….

  134. Mike Absher says:

    Just being together with my family on a cruise this will help me to find my way anywhere!

  135. klaus popp says:

    wow very nice giveaway !

  136. Gail Davis says:

    Drove to VA for my mothers birthday and the GPS we had directed us to make a turn into the Chesapeake Bay.

  137. Robin Yost says:

    Driving hrs to Florida with an outdated in car gps so this would be great!

  138. Sergey Novikov says:

    The useful piece for the traveler, I wanted to use it 🙂

  139. Kyle Pierce says:

    Trip to Florida – two families going through NYC and Washington DC – really needed a GPS that day!

  140. Donna Dufresne says:

    we went on a trip not long ago instead of asking for directions hubby being a man and all we just kept getting lost so a GPS would be soo helpful thank you for a chance 🙂 would love to stop arguments and stop getting lost 🙂

  141. Nieieieee says:

    I was a straight shot up north for us to get to Disney World <3 I think I was 7 and I needed frequent bathroom breaks. Does this tell you where the nearest bathrooms are?

  142. isterico89 says:

    One day we had to go to Rome, but since we did not have a navigator were going to get to Florence… :/

  143. Love Garmin!!!

  144. Julie Tardi says:

    got lost in NY for 2 hours if I had a GPS would of never happen!!!!

  145. Margaret Fraleigh says:

    If we going any great distance, we always take our GPS. As they say “wouldn’t leave home without it”.

  146. Kelly Maxwell says:

    My favorite was a road trip from Michigan to South Carolina to see my sister. We got lost several times and really could have used this Garmin! Thanks for the chance to win one. 😉

  147. We visited my niece in Michigan and the vacation went perfect until on our way back. We missed several exits heading back to Mississippi that cost us to be on the road for an extra day; with no food or money. so, this GPS would keep us on track.

  148. Joce Lyne says:

    when we hit construction on a trip, it would be nice to have this gps to tell us of alternate routes..
    thanks for the chance!

  149. I drove the whole of South Island New Zealand. Having a GPS handy would help in getting to my destinations more easily.

  150. We got lost in our town at the park . We were in the woods on a trail and took a wrong turn and we walked pretty far besides the fact having the kid’s with us made it scary This would have came in handy

  151. Neither_do_I says:

    ONce when coming home from Myrtle Beach we went 4 hours the wrong way! So the 6 hour correction (becasue we couldn’t just straight backtrack right) added a total of 10 hours to our trip! A a Garmin sure would have helped on that trip.

  152. Brandi Dawn says:

    We love to go camping in the mountains! One of our favorite vacations was camping and spelunking in Hurricane Canyon. We found a geocache and was super excited about it. It would have been very nice to have this spectacular GPS to continue geocaching. Its hard to get good service with the apps on a cell phone :/ But it was super fun nonetheless!

  153. We drove to Niagra Falls in Canada, this would have made getting there smoother and maybe even quicker.

  154. On a trip to visit family in New Hampshire, we ended up taking a trip to Maine. On just one of our many wrong turns, we ended up going the wrong way down a one way street. GPS would have helped a lot.

  155. My husband always tries to take shortcuts on our trips and he always gets lost. This would be a great tool to have on a family trips.

  156. bipple305 says:

    The best family vacation ever was when my family and I went to Cape Coral, FL but the streets were very hard to negotiate when we were drunk so we had to take taxis everywhere maybe with this GPS unit we could drive ourselves around next time we’re drunk. THANKS GPS UNIT, YOU SAVED THE DAY!

  157. Kathie Lanham says:

    Our only family vacation was to Florida to see family. GPS would have made the trip a lot easier

  158. Jacqueline Nikolish says:

    We like to explore off the beaten path and this would sure come in handy!

  159. Adina Clarke says:

    Our family trip is usually to Disneyland but our next we are thinking or going to OR. to visit family. The GPS would be very helpful when we go on our family trips. I hate getting lost while looking for a store or a building we were wanting or needing to go to lol.

  160. Mike Clarke says:

    On one of our trips we got so lost we ended up in a whole different state LOL. This would of helped out with all our trips. If I got this maybe my wife wouldn’t complain about getting lost so much LOL.

  161. Nicolthe pickle says:

    Best vacation was a road trip to Ottawa. We did get a little lost. My next one is to Saint Andrews hopefully.

  162. margaretsmith says:

    My favorite family vacation was when my family and I drove to Hilton Head SC from NJ. We got to enjoy the beach, bike ride, go on a boat and fish. In addition, we got to visit my Dad, Brother and his family. Having a GPS would help make our future trips easier on us. It would help give us alternate routes that could help us save time.

  163. Our family always goes to Estes Park, CO…but this little gadget would free us up to feel confident to go off the beaten path! If we have a GPS, we definitely wouldn’t get ourselves lost.

  164. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We traveled Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota–lots of long spaces to drive.

  165. My favorite vacation is to go to Grand Canion. I believe that with this Garmin GPS wouldn’t getting lost.

  166. David Yang says:

    My favorite vacation was Las Vegas and the GPS would help me get there faster next time.

  167. Chrystal D says:

    I like taking trips back home to see my friends and family. I miss them a LOT! This will help me to not get lost on the way back. I have missed my one turn I don’t know how many times!

  168. cranepuffin says:

    When I was a child my family drove from Southern California to Montreal, Quebec, Canada – I think you can imagine the maps we had in the car!

  169. Melissa Douglass says:

    All of my vacations are my favorite but it seems like we waste a lot of time just blindly driving around because we have no idea where we are going so this will make it to where we can actually spend more time having fun!! Thanks for the chance!

  170. alejandra says:

    my favorite vacacion will be when we are going to miami florida am go to the beach and nice places i hope maybe we stay in miami to live there forever i love the hot weather is nice , i like gps have been useful for me for go walking the street s and take my cell I use gps to find the street or sometimes i go in my brother car he used gps is very easy to find the place we are go like to go to the pizzeria or to the store , thanks for this giveaway i hope i win

  171. One time we drove from MN to GA but took the wrong exit in Iowa and ended up driving 100 miles the wrong way! We could have used a GPS.

  172. Erica Saldivar says:

    My brother is a MMA fighter and the family all tries to go to all of his fights, since most of them aren’t local, we need something reliable to get us there easy and safely. That way we can all have a good time and support him by being there.

  173. Sioux City Sue says:

    My favorite family vacation was going for two Thanksgivings in a row to visit relatives in Iowa and stay at my grandmother’s farmhouse. We also drove to some local museums and sights and really could have used a Garmin to find places quicker.

  174. Kristine E says:

    We go on tons of road trips because my family lives 15 hours away, so this would be handy when we visit the city

  175. Corry Lehmann says:

    My favourite family vacation was my trip to Europe with my grandparents when I was 14. That was many moons ago & I would love to go back to take a European road trip to visit some countries I haven’t seen yet. A new Garmin GPS would obviously come in very handy for such a trip.

  176. One of my favorite family vacations was traveling through the mountains of Tennessee and seeing the unique culture. But we really did not know where we were. A Garmin GPS would have been very helpful.

  177. love the chance to win. thanx

  178. my family and I will be traveling from NJ to the blue ridge parkway this summer. but oohhh how will we get there??? I know. I can win this contest.!!

  179. Teresa Daine Null says:

    I am from Tennessee and drove my parents on our family vacation right after I had got my drivers license.. I had to drive in Dallas/Ft. Worth!! now if I had of had this it would have shown me how to go to be far far away from here!!!

  180. My sister is a person who can’t recognize anywhere she goes! She definitely needs this GPS to take her to everywhere she is going to go in the future!

  181. My most memorable family vacation was in Muskoka, Canada. We drove there almost every year. I remember hiking with my family and enjoying all the natural surroundings! The Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMT HD GPS Unit would help us stay on course and make our road trips more enjoyable!

  182. Jose Benavides says:

    Everytime we go out of town we end up getting lost.. we still to this day have yet to buy a gps and having this one would keep us from getting lost ..

  183. Tanya Heart says:

    we love to travel quite a bit. We want to travel to many more states and this new gps will be an amazing addition and make our trip go quite a bit smoother.

  184. When traveling to Atlantic City with my girls I wish we had this because there were so many detours and my husband got lost. Also, he didn’t want to stop for directions, therefore an hour and a half trip too nearly four hours…Yes!!!

  185. My favorite trip was driving the west coast from Seattle to San Francisco. I’d like a GPS for my road trip to the beach this summer to avoid getting lost.

  186. My favorite drive is to South Mountain State Park, the mountains are beautiful

  187. Shashank Kadia says:

    My favorite family vacation is the one when we went to Gir National Park. Well, it’s the only place in the world where you can find Asiatic Lions and as we all are wildlife enthusiasts, seeing Asiatic lions was amazing experience for all of us. And now, for our next trip, we are planning to go to Jim Corbett national park and some other forests nearby to see Bengal tigers. The Garmin GPS will certainly help us on our next trip as the area where we are planning to go is unfamiliar terrain for us. Normally, people hire a guide to help them on such a trip. But in our case, we all prefer to go all out by ourselves. So, the Garmin GPS will surely be of a great help when we will go in search of a bengal tiger in the unknown area and it can show us the right way. Also, there are always chances of picking up the wrong way in such trips and wasting hours. But with Garmin GPS, we will be on the right track throughout our trip.

  188. Our vacations always consist of car trips with the grandkids. Myrtle Beach, SC was the last one and it was a blast. Lots of road construction going on and this GPS would have come in handy.

  189. we used it out on the old pony express trail in Utah to find a famous geode bed site. a great day!

  190. It wasn’t a vacation but a shopping trip and on the way home I missed our exit and ended up in the next state over! This would really help so something like that doesn’t happen on a vacation and ruin it for the kids because the were stuck in the car with me saying it’s an adventure enjoy the new sites LOL.

  191. Traveling cross country.. sure would have been nice to have the Garmin to know where we were and what conveniences were around when we were hungry, etc.

  192. Jan Brantley says:

    One of our favorite trips is to drive to the mountains of Georgia. The scenery is beautiful, lot’s of waterfalls and things to do! The Garmin GPS would be a great help to find other restaurants and sites to visit. Thanks for the chance! Jana Brantley

  193. Sandy McFadden says:

    We usually take a road trip and see where it takes us but having this garmin can help by finding local landmarks, eaterys etc.

  194. mecarolks says:

    My favorite trip was driving to Branson. I’d like a GPS for a road trip around the area.

  195. Our last vacation was in Dallas, TX and they were doing construction everywhere. If we had the Garmin and could find out different routes we wouldn’t have gotten stuck in traffic for hours!!

  196. weeziestoy says:

    I have not had a vacation for a while…but I would like to drive to the beach this year…The system would make sure I got there this year…

  197. Stephen Almberg says:

    My favorite trip was with the family was in Washington D.C. It was a great time but D.C is difficult to navigate to all the monumets. This GPS will make my next family trip to D.C. much more memorable

  198. Drove down to Singapore for a much needed break and got lost for 2 hours because we do not own a GPS. This would be perfect for the next family trip, fingers crossed.

  199. Sherry Lilly says:

    My favorite trip was with my daughter to SD CA but tis would be great for any trip thanks for the chance

  200. Will Holland says:

    my girl needs this….constantly lost

  201. yvsaimadhav says:

    Going to Puri and this device shall help me find routes without bothering someone

  202. sarahhirsch says:

    I love all family vacations – too hard to pick a favorite, maybe our trip to the UK because Scotland was so pretty. Having a gps would help us out because we wouldn’t have to worry aout getting lost on driving trips!

  203. We go camping quite a bit and there is not a trip I would go on without my GPS as we tend to get lost without it.

  204. SickPigeon says:

    I don’t own a fancy new car so this would be great. I love road trips and travelling when I have time. Last road trip was to Whistler. On the way back a semi tipped over blocking the road for over 4hrs. I used The Force to explore but I’m sure this would have been more effective.

  205. would love to have one to stop disagreements on who is right or wrong about directions and who is faster. would love this to steer the way instead

  206. My fave trip is driving to LA and to visit Disneyland. Having this GPS would be so helpful, in any city to help us get around and find things and not worry about using maps or asking for directions.

  207. Lori Jackson says:

    Our son loves playing games with all the different voices on it!

  208. my favorite trip was getting in the car and driving one weekend until we decided to stop. This GPS would help a lot if I decided to go on a trip by myself since I’m directionally challened

  209. Wes Hovorka says:

    I like to use my GPS device everywhere. It would be handy when i’m going somewhere new.

  210. my favorite vacation is when my wife and I went to Saint Thomas. This GPS would help me get to the airport faster.

  211. BaileyDexter says:

    I traveled with my family on a two day drive for a wedding, but after our first lunch stop the two drivers got food poison and could not drive or think. So I had to do all the driving and had to stop and pick up a map but because a lot of it was back roads we got lost. It took us three days and missed the wedding!

  212. susan1215 says:

    My favorite trip was driving to Tampa to visit family and spend time at the beach. This GPS would help us navigate the roads.

  213. Lauren Olivia Wood says:

    My favorite family vacations were when we would travel through the Great Smoky Mountains! This GPS would help us reach our destination easier and safer!

  214. Sky Evans says:

    My favorite vacation was in san francisco. This would help navigation 🙂 Thank you so much

  215. My favorite family vacation was getting to visit my husband’s hometown of Seattle for the first time. It was so beautiful and energetic that I fell in love. This Garmin GPS would make our next vacation more memorable because this year we will have a new 16 year old driver. I know a GPS would help him feel more confident taking his turn driving.

  216. showbizkp says:

    Growing up i loved our trips to state parks–maybe with this gps a tour of national parks will be next!

  217. Guillermo González Calzado says:

    Go safe, go far!

  218. Richard Hicks says:

    Our favorite vacation was a couple years ago when we travelled to Washington DC. The GPS would help us on our upcoming trip to Atlanta GA where the roads are very confusing I have heard.

  219. Jason Susavidge says:

    ok ironically it was probably this past weekend. we went to stay with my aunt in matlacha, and i got to spend the weekend with my wife and daughter, as well as my mom, grandma, aunt and sister. I havent seen any of them in 4 years and i needed to see my own family, as opposed to my wifes family who all live here. It was also nice bc my spine is pretty messed up and i cant always do a whole lot of fun stuff with my daughter whos 5 and she spent the weekend getting spoiled rotten, and my wife got some time away bc as a result of my health issues my wife works alot of hours, so im glad she was able to relax and have some fun….thanks for the opp to win 🙂

  220. My wife was looking for new and interesting places for vacation and family reunions. She picked a beautiful and rural area with tons of things to do for everyone. The only problem that is was a new development and not on some of the old GPS devices. Good thing my brother had a Garmin and off we went. Great time and not so simple to find without a GPS.

  221. Lori Reisinger says:

    I live in the pacific northwest. One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Cushman. I remember being 6 years old, and, for an entire day, I snorkeled throughout the entire lake. I saw entire schools of fish and other wildlife, and the whole time, had my loyal dog, Pluto, paddling behind me. I remember this day vividly as one of the best days of my life. I didn’t have to worry about getting hit or told I was worthless, and for the first time understood what care-free meant. Something was different that day; my parents didn’t yell at, hit, or humiliate me for an entire day. I felt euphoric! Consequently, I’ve always longed to travel since, and often embark on road trips, looking find another little pocket of happiness. A Garmin GPS would be an amazing companion during one of these searches/mini-adventures. 🙂

  222. Felipe Godoy says:

    gogogo win hihi

  223. Brian Heath says:

    Going to Miami, Florida was a really fun time, but we drove there using an outdated GPS unit. Having to hear “Recalculating” every turn was not something to look forward to, and it ended getting us lost & frustrated constantly.

  224. We were driving across country visiting family, middle of the night on the highway we see a sign for a spa – we decided to take the exit and check it out. Turned out to be a railroad crossing, wire fence and a train yard with cows. If we had this garmin GPS it would have let us know there was a train yard and railroad crossing there.. we wouldn’t have gotten off the exit. I think we need this!

  225. Favorite family vacation has always been wherever my daughter is stationed, she’s an Active Duty Marine, moves every few years, so I get the chance to visit the entire country & need a good GPS system to get around.. Would Love to Win this New, Updated system with Lifetime Maps., & Traffic Updates, included, Please !

  226. Mariah Pastrana says:

    my family and i decided to go to ilocos by land as our vacation. my dad is not so good with directions so we ended up going to cagayan valley hahaha good thing there were people whom we could ask for directions! we really need that garmin!

  227. Hazel Mae Pastrana says:

    we went to quezon to visit some relatives. it was a lunch event but thanks to our reliable maps/online maps we arrived there in the afternoon akready around 4pm haha

  228. Honey Luv C. Remulta says:

    Our favorite vacation was in a beach in Cebu, and GPS will help our trip to an easier and fastest way. ^_^

  229. Brittney V says:

    I really want to take my family (husband & 3 young kids) to Massanutten in Virginia. We live in Massachusetts so it would be quite an adventurous and scenic journey!!

  230. My favorite memory was a couple of years ago when my dad tried driving on the streets in Rome… Let’s just say far too many instances could have been prevented if we would have had a GPS available… Oops.

  231. phantom000 says:

    Drove from the Peninsula in VA to Nags Head, NC. The kids loved the beach, but I hated the how much longer will it take? GPS would have been great for the kids to bug, instead of me!

  232. My favorite so far was when we drove from California to Colorado with the kids. The GPS would help us on our trip this summer!

  233. Adrian Vno Manutu says:

    My favourite family trips was when we went to Solo, Indonesia. Because it’s the times that I got married. All of my big family was there. That’s really rare opportunity to had them meet in one places. With this amazing give away, I will make them to have allot of family gathering. Because it will make it simple just by following the GPS route and you would never lost on the way.

  234. Szymon Morawski says:

    I will use it to travel to Australia from Europe next summer!

  235. amy deeter says:

    we got lost for 3 hours once going on vacation to a differen’t was total dark out and we had no idea where we were.i wish we had that GPS at that time

  236. andyandshelly says:

    This could help make our trip memorable by not getting lost and spending more time seeing the sights and not a wrong road.

  237. As a complete family (our boys are still young), we’ve only taken one vacation. We went to an indoor water park during the winter months to escape. We love to camp & hike so this would be great to let us explore more of the areas around us without getting lost!

  238. Sweepn Away says:

    We went to San Francisco and spent so much time lost because roads were closed and detours. With this Garmin, we could have spent more time enjoying our vacation spot and less time trying to find it

  239. In 2011 rainy season. It was very very heavy rain. Many road block by water. we lost allmost 5 to 4 hour . many people give wrong direction.
    It was very horrible tour for us . I love rainy season but that day I can not forget. but still love rainy season

  240. AmandaSakovitz says:

    My favorite family vacation was going to Disney with my family when I was younger. Hopefully the next time I go with if I won the GPS I wouldn’t get lost.

  241. Barb Stenby says:

    every time we need to go somewhere that needs to be mapped out there is an argument. having a gps would save my marriage.

  242. rosannepm says:

    My favorite family vacation was when we took our sons on a road trip to the Badlands of South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park Rosanne

  243. Narinder Chana says:

    GPS is my co-pilot.

  244. Rob Hestar says:

    as a kid when we drove across country..getting lost didnt matter as we didnt have a set destination 🙂

  245. honeypie411 says:

    Our favorite vacation was a road trip to Disneyland, and this gps would keep us from getting lost
    Julie Hawkins

  246. Angela Ash says:

    What I hate most about driving to far away lands for vacation is I’m usually stuck with people who don’t know where they are going or how to follow a map. And when it comes to asking for directions, forget about it. The Garmin GPS would make the trip less of a headache and more enjoyable.

  247. we like to travel to visit friends all over the country, so this would be pretty nice

  248. kathy pease says:

    We don’t have many vacations but this would be awesome for my sons away basketball games..Hubby always gets us lost.

  249. Monica Kirkham says:

    We’ve only taken one vacation, and that was to Florida in 2010… maybe with this GPS we wouldn’t get lost in Orlando next time we go!!!

  250. Jasmine Patterson says:

    We are going to drive across country and visit a bunch of landmarks! This Garmin would help us to find our way!

  251. My favorite family vacation was going to Yosemite. This Garmin GPS will help make my next one more memorable by ensuring that we won’t get lost.

  252. BillJude56 says:

    We relied on what we thought was a reliable GPS to guide us via back roads to Woods Hole to catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Yep, lost and missed ferry.

  253. Christian Alejandro says:

    OH man we got lost so many times on a road trip! Next one we’ll get it done right! lexbaylor27 at gmail dot com

  254. Shashank Kadia says:

    Please announce the winner…

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