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Will VR Be Mainstream for the Next Generation of Gaming?

Virtual reality technology has seen significant developments in recent years with more and more people around the world experiencing the positive benefits of this technology. Many popular games have incorporated VR technology into them to provide an even more realistic experience for gamers. For instance both Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft have released versions that are compatible with VR and have helped to spark consumer interest in this technology.

Last year saw the release of several VR headsets which were embraced by consumers. In fact VR headsets were one of the top items purchased last Christmas. With so many consumers buying these 3-D gadgets it just seems natural that they would want to use them as a gaming accessory. Despite these victories, the developers of VR are disappointed that their devices aren’t taking off even faster. Some point to the high price tag as limiting their purchase. Some believe that when gaming catches up to providing more titles with VR, the demand will further skyrocket. There is hope on the horizon as recent polls of gaming developers are showing that they prefer to develop games for VR rather than the console, Xbox One. Another encouraging sign is Google’s recent acquisition of Owlchemy VR Game Studios signalling that the technology trend setter is looking to get into the VR gaming business.

Despite the slow start, more and more games are looking to incorporate this technology. As with most new technology, it starts off rather expensive. In time, the cost of these headsets is sure to come down making them more appealing to a wider audience. This is when gaming and VR will form more of a partnership. Some industries are already looking for ways in which to use VR. Among these is the casino industry which would like to make the whole casino experience even more realistic. Also, a proposed VR theme park is being considered in Las Vegas.

The future of VR gaming looks bright with the potential for growth. As the gaming development catches up with the technology we are sure to see some VR trends in the gaming world.

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