Why Would You Use Discord Over Slack?

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When you think about communication tools, you probably think about Discord and Slack. Why would you automatically think about these two platforms? Well, you’ve probably been invited to a Discord server by a friend, a gamer, or cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Conversely, you have probably used Slack for school or work.

If you are looking to open up your own online group, which one should you choose?

Similarities Abound with these Platforms

It is intriguing how each of these messaging platforms have the same layout. For instance, you will notice that you will have the contacts on the left side, then the individual or group that you are currently talking to will be open in the middle. There may also be a right hand sidebar based on the particular space.

They share similar functionalities in that you can have several spaces for conversation and the fact that you can talk to people through voice and message people on both may make it to where they both seem comparable.

They start to become different platforms when you focus further on the details.

What are these details?

The Different Details Between Slack and Discord

Slack understands the importance of messages. The platform ensures to cater to these messages in a way that it continues to stay organized. Now, staying organized is critical if you are using a platform for business use. For instance, you have probably been in a situation where you have had to conduct a group project.

It is essential to keep track of what is mentioned in the group because you want to make sure that you meet your specific requirements as part of that group project.

If you are part of a group project, what kind of features would you want to have?

You would want to make sure to save relevant and important messages so you can reference them later. Well, Slack, and even Whatsapp lets you save messages for later viewing. But guess who does not have this simple but quick reference feature? Discord. Now, why would Discord have this feature? It is there for real time communication. You are generally messaging people to communicate right now. This makes it to where you are generally not interested in saving anything for later. It is a subtle difference but it is important to have important aspects saved when you are focused on something where there is accountability and where you have a stake in the outcome.

The other compelling feature about Slack, when it comes to messaging, is that it will enable you to see who’s reacted and who has mentioned you in another conversation. Again, this is essential to differentiate between when a group sends a message to “everyone” and you are notified and then when someone in the groups is only directing a comment at you.

Another critical distinction is that it may not offer as much capacity to upload large files.  Slack may be more conscious about these aspects because it seeks to be business facing as opposed to appealing to gamers who want to chat and talk casually.

These are distinguishing features that you may want to have when talking about work related topics and conducting critical activities. By linking to a helpful resource on reselling Discord servers, such as this informative guide onĀ Whop, readers can learn more about the advantages of creating a private server and how to get started.

Discord Wins When It Comes to Communication Over Audio and Video

Discord seeks to do a great job of facilitating conversations. That makes sense. It initially appealed to the gaming community. If it wants to make sure that the community is pleased, it would make sure that it provides seamless communication through audio and video. 

That is why you can see various types of groups where simply hangout and chat.

You may have some audio issues on Discord because one aspect or other but by and large will see that it works out fine in most situations. You will not find yourself thinking twice about heading over to Zoom to host a hangout with your community.

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