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5 Reasons Ford Is Winning the Car Tech Race

Ford Motor Company has been a trusted brand since 1903, making American classics that are desired and reliable. Recently, however, Ford has stepped up their tech game, bringing consumers advanced technology to make their driving experience more enjoyable.

From the Ford Sync phone compatibility to AI performance, Ford has set the mark in technology advancements in all their vehicles on the market. Let’s dive into what has set Ford apart from its competitors when it comes to tech-savvy available options. 

Sync Phone Capability

Ford’s phone capability called Sync has set the bar high for entertainment and communications systems. This system allows the driver and passengers to perform hands-free calling, voice commands, and music controls. 

Another neat feature is voice-activated navigation. Voice-activated features have made driving safer for every driver on the road.

AI Performance

From prototyping to AI performance, Ford brings their A game in tech advancements. Not only will consumers be pleasantly surprised at the options in their vehicles, but Ford also incorporates these technologies into their manufacturing operations.

Ford utilizes AI capabilities in its quality assurance procedures. With more efficiency and enhanced, streamlined quality checks, they’ve seen a decrease in the number of defective cars and recalls.

Making decisions quicker than the human brain, AI has enhanced some of Ford’s all-wheel-drive features. Dozens of intelligent sensors can be used to allow the car to quickly determine if all-wheel drive is necessary without the driver’s intervention.

Autonomous Driving

Ford released Blue Cruise, its autonomous driving technology, in 2021. A pilot has been launched in several US cities in preparation for Ford’s Lyft fleet of self-driving cars. Ford hopes to have these autonomous vehicles available for Lyft’s car-sharing platform soon.

Ford has completed four generations of autonomous vehicles, and they’ve improved their high-resolution cameras, radar sensors, and Lidar technology. Lidar technology uses lasers to understand and map out the surrounding areas. 

In collaboration with Argo AI, Ford is excited for consumers to experience this technology that will open the door to many possibilities. 

Adaptive Technologies

Ford gives its consumers adaptive technologies to improve their driving experience. Adaptive cruise control, Ford Co-Pilot 360, provides the driver with the luxury of setting their speed and following distance from the car preceding them. Ford’s adaptive cruise control automatically responds to these situations if the vehicle slows, speeds up, or stops.

In addition, Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 includes lane-centering. This technology ensures the driver is within the lane and is not drifting out of the road for any reason. Speed Sign Recognition takes it even further by scanning speed limit signs and adjusting the vehicle’s speed accordingly. 

Enhanced Parking Capabilities

Long gone are the days of 10-point turns to get into a parallel parking spot. With Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist, your vehicle takes all the guesswork out of parking. The driver can shift, accelerate, and brake while the car steers the car into its spot. 

On select 2020 models, Ford has taken Active Park Assist to the next level. The newer systems handle almost all steps for the driver, leaving it all up to the car to get you into that tight spot.

These devices not only promote driver safety but also have the potential to lower auto insurance, making Ford win against other automotive makers in the financial realm as well.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 reasons ford is winning the car tech race, explainers

Carla Hughes writes and researches for Carla has owned and raced multiple Ford vehicles and trusts the Ford brand.

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