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What’s New in iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2?

Apple has released iOS and iPadOS15.2, meaning that you can now download them to your iPad and iPhone. But, first, read below to understand the new features that the updates introduce. 

One of the exciting features in iOS and iPad 15.2 is “App Privacy Report.” The feature is designed to help you control your privacy and see the activities of all the apps installed on your device.

There’s also “Apple’s Digital Legacy” that lets you choose the people who can access your data once you die. This is out of the ordinary, but it could help if you have crucial data kept in your device. 

The recent update also introduced a more affordable Voice Plan for $5 every month. This feature enables you to control your Apple Music with your voice. 

Apple also incorporates a child sexual abuse material (CSAM) scanner segment. The new update has a safety feature that blurs explicit pictures sent to devices associated with minors. 

Finally, you no longer have to struggle with the macro mode issue common in iPhone 13 pro. The new iOS update comes with a button where you can switch the mode on or off.  

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