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What You need To Know about the Uber Copter

The Uber Copter Lets You Live Like A Billionaire

 Did you know Uber is working on a service called Uber Elevate or it’s been working on it for a while now? Uber Elevate is an Uber program that will take Uber to skies and democratize air transport.

It’s a new service and will undoubtedly have great views.

Here’s what you need to know about the Uber Copter and Uber Elevate.

Uber Copter is Another Way for Uber to Become the Amazon of Transportation

Well, the Uber Copter kind of let’s you live like a billionaire.

Uber is giving individuals another way to minimize their hassle of getting to the airport, at least in New York, everyone else will have to stick with the Uber car or their regular shuttle services. 

The Uber copter is a part of Uber’s ambition to become the Amazon of transportation. Becoming the Amazon of transportation will be interesting because Amazon is slowly stepping up its transportation game to get you your latest order of gummy worms as soon as possible. Amazon already has the logistics and transportation facilities with cars and airplanes, and the company is even testing out drones as well for the delivery of goods. Uber aims to focus on transporting humans and own that market while Amazon focuses on products.

Uber will unveil the service to frequent users of the Uber Copter. The Uber Copter will let people fly from Manhattan to the JFK Airport. That strategy makes sense. Unveil the service to people who already meet the criteria of being on the go, choosing to forgo car ownership and use Uber rides instead. 

Further, these same people would be the ideal candidates for Uber Copter, their likely to travel for work and business and should find the Uber Copter to add significant value to their lives.

The flight should take less than ten minutes, but the entire process of getting to and from the takeoff location will be a bit longer.

Frequent Uber riders may start to avail the services from starting July 9th of this year.

What Does the Uber Copter Cost

The Uber Copter costs about $200, and that includes getting to the Uber Copter. There’s limited availability of the service and has similar features, such as pooled flights or individual flights.

Are you a Platinum or Diamond member?

Remember, you’ve got to be a frequent user of the Uber application to get access to this new service. They’ll start to open up the service to everyone soon.

Remember Your Luggage

You’ll also want to be cautious about your luggage. There will be limited space on these helicopters, and so you will have a limit on your baggage and related weight.

Would you take the Uber Copter? Is it worth it to you? I think it’d be fun to try a couple of times just to take in the views.

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