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What Will Be the Plot of Spider-Man 4?

Back in February, before the writer strike, Kevin Feige told Entertainment Weekly that a script was being worked on for Spider-Man 4. “All I will say is that we have the story,” he revealed. “We have big ideas for that, and our writers are just putting pen to paper now.”

However, will Tom Holland reprise his role in Spider-Man 4?

As of publication, there still isn’t any news on a contract between Holland and Marvel, and his six-movie obligation with them ended with 2021’s ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ Additionally, earlier this month Holland told The Hollywood Reporter that while he thinks they found a reason to film Spider-Man 4, “I’m also a little apprehensive about it.

He went on to state that he feels like they “hit a home run” with the franchise to date and that there’s a part of him that just “wants to walk away with my head held high” and let someone else take over as our favorite web-slinger.

And the writer strike may make us wait even longer for news about Holland and Spider-Man 4.

So, what could the plot entail? Will Spider-Man 4 be yet another dive into the multiverse? Will Spidey go to college? Is it true that it’s going to be a remake of this classic Spider-Man as reports are suggesting? You HAVE to see this:

Just kidding, no one is reporting that. We just think the video is hilarious and had to share.

Anyway, while we don’t have a definitive answer yet, we wanted to look at some possible stories that could work well for Spider-Man 4. But first, let’s all pray that it’s not a live version of the weird Superior Spider-Man comic.


The plot of Superior Spider-Man

Back in 2013, this was one of the first comic books I had picked up in a long time. Well, since the New 52 debuted two years prior and scared me away. This sucker was, well, out there. The whole story revolves around Doc Ock taking over Peter Parker’s body and then trying to become a better, more “superior” Spider-Man.

But he pulls some really off-the-wall shenanigans (pun intended) like trying to marry Aunt May and generally being a real d-bag. It’s easily one of the craziest stories I’ve ever read, and it would be hard for me to sit through a live-action version of it.

What Could Make Spider-Man 4 Great? 

A lot of fans have speculated that Spider-Man 4 will be a college story, and while that doesn’t seem to be off the table, other stories in Peter’s history could make for a much better movie. 

For starters, we could see him face off against Tom Hardy’s Venom or another classic villain that got pulled into Holland’s universe. Continuing off the story of the last one, Spider-Man 4 could be redemption for Hardy after the poor reception of Venom 2.

Or better yet, perhaps we could get an adaptation of the Identity Crisis storyline, where Spider-Man is framed for murder by Norman Osborn. Spidey has to disappear for a while so in order to try to clear his name and continue taking down bad guys, he creates FOUR new super-powered masked men. And he pretended to be a criminal with two of them! 

Say what?

Yup. Pete figured that it would be too suspicious for a new superhero with spider-like abilities to appear right after Spider-Man disappeared, but he could pull it off if he muddied the waters. So, he created:

Hornet – a hero that wore a suit designed by Hobie Brown, the original Prowler, and with powers like Spider-Man’s.

Prodigy – a guy that had superhuman strength and was incredibly intelligent.

Ricochet – an acrobatic criminal that could manipulate the direction of his jumps.

And finally, Dusk – a dark figure with mysterious powers.

The criminal cover also gave Spider-Man a unique opportunity to infiltrate the criminal underworld of New York. While it would require at least two parts to do the storyline justice, having Holland navigate through this without the help of the Avengers, or anyone else for that matter thanks to the events in No Way Home, could make Spider-Man 4 a pretty fun ride.

Spider-man 4

10 More Plots That Could Make Spider-Man 4 Great

With Spider-Man having debuted all the way back in 1962, there are tons of stories that would make for a great fourth installment in the franchise. Here are some possibilities:

  1. The Clone Saga – A storyline that stretched through multiple issues in the mid-90s, it focused on Peter meeting his “clone”, Ben Reilly, and trying to figure out who is truly the real Spider-Man.
  2. Secret Wars – A storyline in which the Beyonder kidnaps Spidey and other Marvel characters to a distant planet to take part in his “secret war”.
  3. The Gauntlet – In 2010, J. Michael Straczynski wrote some of the darkest Spider-Man storylines ever, with Peter having to face off against Kraven the Hunter.
  4. The Grim Hunt – A continuation of the Gauntlet storyline that sees the Kravinoffs hunting down Spider-Man’s family for some mysterious reason.
  5. Spider Island – In 2011, a virus that gave everyone on the island of Manhattan spider-like abilities changed Spider-Man’s world forever.
  6. The Death of Jean DeWolff – A classic storyline from the early 80s, it focuses on the death of a friend and ally, which has a huge effect on Peter.
  7. The Return of the Sinister Six – Having a team up of villains that have terrorized our favorite web-slinger since all the 1964 could ROCK Spider-Man 4.
  8. Maximum Carnage – Seeing Woody Harrelson return as Cletus Kasady and Carnage back in all his glory with some better writing would surely be a treat.
  9. Spider-Man: Reign – An alternate future where Spider-Man has been missing from the Marvel Universe for 20 years and his return leads to some unexpected consequences. This could be a welcome break from the multiverse and with the right writers, could make Spider-Man 4 one to remember.
  10. The Other – A story about Peter’s transformation and the death of his beloved Aunt May, it also had some intense action sequences. It could make for a great finale to the current Spider-Man trilogy.

So there you have it. While we don’t know what Marvel has in store for Spider-Man 4 yet, here are some possible stories that could make this movie stand out.

Have another storyline you think could make it awesome? Leave a comment below and tell us what it’s about and why it should be the plot for Spider-Man 4.

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