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What to Look For When Hiring a Web Designer

There is no doubt about it that every business needs to have a website. Unless you only want to focus solely on selling in-store or solely focus on selling on a platform (like Fiverr or Etsy), then your best bet is going to be having a website. When you own your own website, you’re the one that gets to dictate the design. You’re the one that gets to choose what features you want, and you get 100% of the profit, unlike other platforms that take a 20% cut. 

With that said, when it comes to building the perfect website, you’re going to need the perfect web designer to help you out. Sure, you could hire Red Spot Design or another fabulous agency, but regardless of who you hire or what agency you hire, there are going to be some qualities that you need to look for first. This will help you ensure that you’re hiring the right person. So, here’s everything you need to look for when hiring a web designer. 

They Need Plenty of Experience

You want to be sure that the designer you choose has experience building and maintaining websites. The best way to assess this is by asking them to provide you with a list of sites they have designed and then visiting those websites yourself. Ask them to describe the process they use for creating a website and what they think is the most important aspect of design in terms of creating a site that helps achieve your goals. 

You should also discuss metrics for the website, such as conversion rates or visitor traffic, with them to ensure they understand what you are trying to accomplish. Believe it or not, SEO still counts deeply, and the design of the website has a lot to do with it. So the designer needs to have plenty of experience and plenty of knowledge. 

Hows Their Portofolio Look?

One thing to keep in mind is that every creative has a signature style, and you could say the same for web designers too. A good web designer will have a well-rounded portfolio that shows off their ability to create websites that are aesthetically appealing, functional, and on-brand. 

They will also be able to demonstrate that their design process has resulted in high-performing websites that generate leads or sales for clients. Do they have a particular style that you like? Do you want simplistic designs for your website, or do you want something that’s very interactive? Not every web designer is going to want, know, or prefer interactive over simplistic and vice versa. 

How’s the Communication Seem?

Alright, so this is going to be more challenging to determine. As during the initial screening, someone may be great at communication and then communicate less once you make the order or vice versa. But at the end of the day, it’s usually the first impressions that count. Are they willing to agree to meetings? Are they punctual? How long does it take for them to respond to an email?  But of course, it’s not only about how long it takes, but is their general communication good? Are they answering your questions? Do they understand what you want?

It’s Okay to Expect Flexibility 

Okay, maybe not bending over backward for you, but it’s important that there is some flexibility here and there. It’s really about being willing to compromise; after all, you’re paying them, so there should be some wiggle room here and there, whether it’s pricing, deadlines, or certain features. But of course, you don’t want to give off the idea that you’re taking advantage of them, and you, as a client, definitely need flexibility too. At the end of the day, this is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. 

How’s the Pricing Like?

Just like every other purchase for a business, the pricing counts, and it’s pretty important too. So, are the packages available affordable? What do you get in each package? Is there a warranty? For the most part, there are going to be a lot of variances when it comes to prices, as web design could be all packages for some, and for others, it’s just two pages. So make sure you know the exact page numbers you want.

In general, it can be somewhat tough trying to find the right web designer, but knowing the right qualities is going to help you out a lot. Don’t be afraid of having standards; after all, you’re paying for this service so it needs to work out! Ask questions, give interviews, and just remember that it’s entirely okay to be picky; the website is essentially the face of your business.

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