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What Lessons Can We Take From The Developments Of Casinos Around The World?

When thinking about the development of casinos around the world, the chances are that you are not necessarily thinking about the relatively small country of Finland or some of their popular options such as

Yet the way that Finland is now handling its gambling sector and thus its casinos should come as a highlight for the entire world – because it could mean radical changes in the way that the casino world operators.

For starters, Finland is letting the gambling run through state-monopoly. Even though we have seen people downplay the concept of nationalized industries, the Finnish national betting agency is both popular in Finland and tries to be socially responsible at the same time.

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What is different?

The gambling sector in Finland is quite different than some of the others seen across the globe. Revenue from the sector is poured into good causes, and the sector itself has limited stakes. Yes, this does mean that someone will go from nothing to multi-millionaire at once, but it does reveal the social responsibility that these betting options have. It is great to show that this industry can and does have a constructive influence on society.

So is everyone swarming towards physical casinos?

This is the question that you might ask yourself – given that the Fins like to gamble and the fact that it is highly popular to gamble in Finland, you might expect a casino on every corner. However, you would be wrong. The official count of casinos managed by the state comes to 16 – so again you might assume that this means that it is going to limit the input of people who want to play or those who want to drive far in order to gamble. And what about during the pandemic that we are currently facing?

The truth behind this scene is that it does exceptionally well because of the thriving online casino scene. It is true that you won’t see companies based in Finland, but there is fluid online gambling.

An experience that is localized to the Finnish people

The majority of the online casinos’ options that we see in Finland are from Malta. But they are not just offering English as a language, and they are offering a completely Finnish website and Finnish customer service. Anyone would feel more comfortable playing a localized version of their casino, and if problems do arise, anyone would prefer to solve them in their own native language. We already know that most online players are going to find a way to play their favourite games anyway – why should a country not take a part of the profits that are also going to help push tax revenues.

Moving towards liberalizing the market?

It is going to be interesting to see the choices that Finland makes in the future. Are they are going to continue to have a rigid difference between online and brick and mortar, or will they continue to liberalize the gambling sector? Neighbours such as Denmark and Sweden are actively accepting applications from private gambling companies for new gambling licenses, but Norway – while relatively close in proximity – is actively trying to toughen its regulations.

A move towards online seems natural

While it might seem strange at first, it does show that state-sponsored casinos and online casinos can coexist successfully. Especially given the convenience of online gambling, it would almost seem strange for countries to dampen enthusiasm. Instead, they are looking to embrace where possible and supplement and take their own slice of the pie where they can. In that way, it is very likely to the model already in use in Finland is going to be used across the world. As more and more countries are starting to understand that the online revolution towards casinos is not to be stopped. 

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