What is Roleplay in GTA 5?

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The GTA games series is familiar to everyone who has ever run computer games. Having appeared in the early 2000s, it instantly became popular, as its gameplay revealed a previously unlit part of American life: the history of the American ghetto and its inhabitants, who have to earn a living by all available means. 

The GTA studio realized that each new part is essential for the gaming industry, so it created the next games series. The last part (GTA 5) became a cult due to the advanced graphics, an exciting plot, and the roleplay development direction based on this part. If you are looking for the GTA RP experience, this GTA 5 Roleplay server provides the best roleplay experience in Grandtheft auto.

What is Roleplay

Roleplay is a direction in cooperative games where each character plays a preconceived role or scenario. Moreover, this role’s scope is indicated by the creator and the situations their character gets into.

Initially, roleplay became popular within the Arma 3 game. Now many players still spend their time in Arma 3, but the primary fans of RP have moved to GTA 5.

GTA 5 is a more flexible project for RP since the game came from a major studio, so it has relevant graphics and many features. Private programmers make unique mods for GTA 5; they connect a player to servers to play RP. The servers differ in the number of slots and the theme. For example, there are narrowly focused locations dedicated to gang themes or, conversely, servers that depict utopian cities without crime. Everyone chooses what they like best.

When entering the server, the player is offered a special menu to customize a character. Experienced RP-players try to avoid similarities between themselves and their avatar. Sometimes they choose not only the opposite appearance but also gender. So it’s easier to open up in terms of acting and get absolute pleasure from RP. 

How to Play RP

It is enough for players who want to try themselves as a self-developed character to install the Five M launcher, available for free download. After registration, the “Servers” tab will contain a list of servers available for entry. Among them are several foreign languages; you can choose which language you will communicate with other players.

Some servers have the status of closed. You need the personal approval of the curators or the owner to get to them. If you come to RP for the first time, paying attention to open servers is better. There you will gain experience and familiarize yourself with essential game mechanics. Then you can move to closed servers. Usually, it is enough to write to their owners on social networks to contact them.

Closed servers are more privileged, there are always people there (which affects the fascination of the process), and the players have a lot of experience in RP. Therefore, it is pretty justified to try to get there.

Roleplay Rules 

The main point is respect for all participants and the correct playing of their roles. Several terms reveal mechanics prohibited for RP.


This is an unjustified murder, which is not conditioned by either plot or logic. Experienced RP-players think over their character’s death in advance and try their best to avoid the practice of GTA Online, where the end of a character is an insignificant situation.

Fail RP

It often happens when the player is not experienced or does not have sufficient artistic abilities. Fail RP involves a mismatch of the situation or character, mediocre wagering


It means a complete exit from the role and is used exclusively for emergencies to explain the case outside the role.


Meta-information interferes with the correct RP since the character must obtain all the necessary data as the gameplay progresses.

Power Gaming 

This is also a severe violation in RP, which implies playing a superhero or killing without considering the circumstances. For example, when a weapon is pointed at your character, they can’t just run away from the criminal, as, in real life, such a situation would end in murder. The player should value the character’s life, like the life of any person. Any carelessness or stupidity carries consequences, among which is death.

Bunny Hopping 

This one involves running with sprints and jumps in a problematic situation. Anyone can maintain a fast pace of running for a limited time. 


Before taking any actions, it’ll be helpful to spend some time watching others play so that you can get used to the norms and expectations of the roleplaying mod. Make sure to check out some of the dedicated GTA RP’s on Twitch, and who knows where that will take you.

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