Mozilla Firefox Is Now a Better VPN Browser Than Chrome

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Firefox just got better, with the Multi-Account Containers being one of the most remarkable features. Now, you can use the feature to connect Firefox VPN to multiple servers and use different accounts. 

Mozilla’s addition of this feature puts the browser ahead of other browsers regarding VPN functionality. So, if you regularly connect to Mozilla’s VPN, Firefox is a terrific option for you as you can set up different accounts and assign a unique VPN to each one of them. When you switch between accounts, the browser will automatically change the VPN servers and everything else supported by the Multi-Action Containers. 

For example, if you fly overseas but still want to watch US Netflix, you can have a profile connected to a US server. Similarly, you can have another profile linked to a server near you if you’d like to watch something local using the same device. 

Mozilla has a simple step-by-step guide on how to activate the feature, and you’ll no longer need to switch VPN servers manually. Note that you can only enjoy this service on Firefox. So, if Mozilla’s VPN is not your thing, you can only choose other VPNs out there. 

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