What is Music Therapy?

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Musical therapy is a clinical intervention to support patients’ emotional, physical, cognitive, and psychological needs. Chiefly, these forms of therapy draw upon the innate qualities of music to help patients suffering from varying conditions. Therapists use music to help babies develop healthy bonds with their guardians or provide compassionate palliative care. 

The mechanism of music therapy lies in the therapeutic relationship created through the engagement between the client and the therapist. The session may incorporate a wide range of instruments and musical styles to help clients express themselves and connect with the world. 

Who Can Benefit from Music Therapy?

Since music therapy does not depend only on the client’s ability to communicate, it is particularly effective for communication difficulties. It can also be life-changing for clients affected by injury, illness, or disability. For instance, children with autism can develop social, emotional, and communication skills. Similarly, an aged person frightened by the confusion and isolation associated with dementia can reconnect with their memories through music. 

Everyone can respond to music therapy and experience positive communication changes and emotional wellbeing.

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