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How Do You Set Up an Emergency Contact On iPhone?

Emergency contacts are the contacts in your phonebook that you give certain privileges over others. One of the reasons you might need an emergency contact is to quickly access friends or relatives in case of an emergency. This way, the emergency contacts will receive a notification whenever you use the “SOS” function on your device and other people can also use your locked phone to contact them. While the emergency contacts setup takes less than five minutes, it’s one of the most important features you can have on your device. 

How To Add Emergency Contacts on iPhone

There are two methods to add an emergency contact on your iPhone. Through the Health app or the contacts tab. 

Set Up Emergency Through a Contacts Tab

  1. Launch the Phone app if you have the contact saved in your contacts list.
  2. Open “Contacts.”

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  1. Select the contact you want to add.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap “Add to Emergency Contacts.”

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  1. Label your contact, and your ID will open with your selected contacts under the “Emergency Contacts” section. 
  2. Click “Save” to effect the changes. 

Add Emergency Contact Through the Health App

  1. Launch the Health App
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the top corner. 
  3. Select Medical ID.

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  1. Click “Edit.”
  2. Find and tap “Emergency Contacts” on the prompt list. 
  3. Select “Add Emergency Contacts.”
  4. Select the contact from your phonebook.
  5. Assign a label to the contact and click “Done” to save.  

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