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What is Linux?

Every time you start your smartphone or computer, you can perform diverse tasks such as opening a browser or writing some notes. But how are all these things set up? How does the computer know that I’m asking it to start the browser? 

Well, it’s the operating system on your computer that connects the dots. So, to operate your device seamlessly, you need a compatible operating system (OS), and you’re likely using one right now. Linux is one OS that you can use on your device instead of Apple OS X or Windows.

Who Created Linux?

As a computer science student, Linus Torvalds also worked at UNIX OS when the OS idea developed in his mind.  He forwarded some aspects of the proprietary software that needed improvements, but UNIX rejected the suggestions prompting Linus to start an OS that is considerate of users’ suggestions. 

One significant uniqueness of Linux OS is allowing programmers to design their own OS. This provision paved the way for a new range of user-friendly OS’s in the market and turned Linux into the backbone of Knoppix, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu OS. 

Today Linux enjoys enormous popularity among programmers and regular computer users alike.

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