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How to Use Busuu

Busuu is a complimentary online application that allows you to study language from your computer and mobile phone. In essence, the Busuu interface is broadly communicative and may be used in tandem with an online self-study program and a comprehensive classroom course.

Currently, the Busuu app comprises a collection of languages with high-quality study materials. All you need to do is select the language you desire to learn and commence your lessons. At Busuu, you will get the rare opportunity to learn a language through reading, speaking, writing, and listening. The platform offers you the chance to move gradually from the beginner to the upper intermediate level of learning.

The Busuu app is highly polished, professional and presently ranked as the best free language learning app. Nonetheless, Busuu’s premium subscription option widens your language learning abilities and is worth the charges.

Each lesson on the Busuu app is meant to meet a particular communicative purpose. For instance, a class on the Busuu app could focus on self-introduction, geographical descriptions, or communicating in specific environments like ordering food in a restaurant. Similarly, the lessons incorporated in the Busuu app are designed to equip learners with functional language in chunks that they can reproduce in both free practice and controlled environments.

What Else Does Busuu Offer to You?

Apart from the free-learning mode, the Busuu app also allows controlled practice activities like multiple choice questions, sentence reordering, and dictation. Conversely, Busuu also incorporates free practice operations that are constantly checked and corrected by a team of native speakers in the community.

The platform also incorporates a private messaging service that allows students to chat with native language partners in the community. In addition, you may take advantage of the Busuu premium subscription option to access advanced grammar lessons, Vocabulary Trainer, the Offline Mode, the well-thought after Study Plan, the Offline Mode, and the McGraw-Hill Education certification.


Here are the key features of the Busuu online language learning app

  • Interactive grammar and vocabulary lessons with complete translation, audio, and practice exercises
  • Voice recognition and recording exercises eat to ensure proper pronunciation from a native speaker
  • Audio recordings
  • Writing exercise with instant correction services


If you are looking for help with learning more languages, Busuu might be a great tool for you. As the world becomes more globalized, it may be a great idea to use the tool to add to your current portfolio of languages.

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