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Laser Printer vs. Inkjet: Which Is Better?

If you’re buying a new printer, you’ll have to choose between laser and inkjet printers. But what’s the difference and which one is best for you? Read on.

Just as the name suggests, laser printers use a laser to print, while the inkjet printer uses ink to print documents. Notably, the main difference lies in the printing process’s impact on the image quality, function, and speed. 

What to Expect in an Inkjet Printer.

If you need to print high color and quality images, you should get an inkjet printer. These printers are better at blending colors, thanks to their tonal variety. The inkjet printers can also print on any paper that’s heat-sensitive. However, the inkjets are slower than lasers and can hold fewer papers, making them suitable for you if you print less frequently. 

What to Expect in a Laser Printer.

A laser Printer is the ideal printer if you regularly print large volumes of documents. Laser printers are faster than Inkjets and have high-capacity trays that can hold massive paper blocks. However, lasers don’t print color images, so they aren’t the best for designers or photographers. Generally, the lasers are best for an office setting mainly due to their high printing capacity.  

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