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WFH Jammies

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone’s seen it. You know what I’m talking about, the reporter wearing a suit with boxers talking about financial news. The Zoom attendee who gets up without realizing their not professional waist down.

The new trend is what is known as a professional on top but work from home waist down style. 

It works great until it doesn’t.

Whatever Inc saw a market need, and they’re jumping to address this need. What is this need, and what are they doing?

The need is having clothes that make you look professional but won’t take as much work as traditional professional clothing.

How are they solving this need?

Let’s find out.

Whatever Inc and the Perfect Work From Home Clothing 

Whatever Inc is a company based in Japan that focuses on creating whatever product seems interesting at the present moment. They realize that COVID-19 is having a massive impact on the world and that the current workforce, in general, is mostly working from home. Many of these working professionals turn to Zoom, Google Meet, and Remote Hour to communicate and talk business.

The company thought that the work from home movement needed some specific attire and sought to bring that to the market. They propose a compromise, work from home, and look professional but do so comfortably.

They think that you shouldn’t have to run and change for a quick video conference call. Many subscribe to this notion, and Whatever Inc created a remote workers’ jammies that present professionalism while keeping it casual.

It is a brilliant idea; at least people on Kickstarter seem to think so. The project is oversubscribed and has already met its goal with hours to go. The company created a comfortable “shirt” that cuts off and comes with matching sweatpants. It’s a set of pajamas that seem professional.

Whatever Inc and Creativity

The company captures creativity by tapping into a somewhat niche problem, solves it, and crowdfunds it to bring it to market. It shows that there’s opportunity out there if you think a little bit and understand simple problems that affect a considerable portion of people. The demand is there as it about seven times over its stated goal. It had a minimum viable product, a simple design and concept, and a distribution platform.

That’s all it needs to gain a little of bit of momentum, attract a core community, and continue to present more compelling products.

One set will run you $98. That’s the price you pay for creativity.

You can find it on Kickstarter here.


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