Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats: Bid Farewell to Carpet Dents, Forever

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Whether you work from a home office or perform your tasks from a commercial space, you may completely understand the problem of carpet dents being formed under your office chair. While rubber mats and fiber mats claim to protect your carpet from these divots and scuffs, these mats can themselves fall prey to overtime dents and indentations under your chair’s weight. 

As a result, you not only lose the firmness and look of your carpet, but also face the issue of having limited to no movement with your chair. This essentially ruins your investment in your carpet, while also opening doors to a world of frustration.

That’s where the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats come into the picture.

Made from certified tempered glass, these chair mats claim to give you permanent relief from the problem of carpet indentations and scuffs. At the same time, they aim to be scratch resistant and come with a lifetime warranty to support their claim. 

All of these qualities are enough to make you wonder if these Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are worth their salt. To help you find the answer to this curious question, here’s a lowdown on these glass chair mats and our firsthand experience with them.


Aesthetic: The Glass Mats Look Exceptional

The Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from certified tempered glass, with their composition combining toughened and heat-treated glass, mixed with an Invisible Shield® Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating. This gives them a flawless glass slab when placed over your carpet. 

This transparent look also ensures that you can put these glass chair mats in practically any decor theme and have them fit in within a seamless manner. This gives these glass mats full points for aesthetics.


Durability: They Have a Scratch-Resistant Material

The composition of the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats ensures that the mat steers clear of scratches, smudges, and unsightly marks. Even when you are moving your roller chair back and forth over the glass, it maintains its visuals and integrity. 


This provides you with a durable solution that does not give way for dents even over its own surface. In turn, this translates to a permanent solution to your indentation and scuff problem without any failure.


Performance: They Leave Other Mats in the Dust

With the ability to hold up to 1,000lbs, the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats stand out with their overall performance. Since the mats are made from clear yet toughened glass that also has an additional safety coating over it, they give you an easy way to slide your chair beside the desk countless times a day. 


Besides giving you the peace of mind that your mat would not scratch, this also gives you the functional comfort of staying away from unsightly and unnerving carpet dents and scuffs. With a lifetime replacement warranty, the glass mats’ performance fulfills all your expectations.


Customization: They Offer a Variety of Sizes

For its main Prima Collection™ line, the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats comes with not one, not two, but 18 ready to ship designs and sizes. But if you want a custom size, you can turn to the company’s Vista Collection™ to get your glass mat made to order and made from scratch.

This ensures that you can customize your glass mats as you see fit. The company also offers a limited edition Sola Collection that comes with hand painted glass mats for your home or commercial office. 

All in all, the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats seem to be worth the hype. While the mats come at a premium price, they can prove to offer a good return on investment with their lifetime support. For added convenience, they also offer a free return period until January 2022 to all customers. 

If you are looking for a spectacular addition to your office, the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats would not disappoint. 

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