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Unusual Gadgets That Can Be Considered a Technological Breakthrough in 2018

Technology has recently been changing drastically. Every day, we witness the invention and realization of many different, enticing and sometimes bizarre-looking appliances and gadgets that help add flavor to various activities in life. Besides adding flavor, these ‘little techies’ are also becoming crucial in aiding us in getting things done at a faster rate.

In the recent years, the world has evolved at an incredible speed. With this quick evolution, there has been a shift in customer needs in different countries. Of course, since it’s quite unlikely that all countries experience tech upgrades at the same pace, the needed categories remain vastly distant on different planets. However, this vastness has served an advantage to several companies. With the evolution of needs, they have been able to grab the opportunity to create software and appliances that meet the new trending needs posed by humans.

In a time when people face difficulties dealing with too many items all at once, these designs are suited to help organize lists, track beloved pets, buy research papers on your behalf and even keep the home in order when you are away at work. The ‘home assistant’ category is just one of such designs. We would look at a few more that are set to blaze the trail for 2018.

The Nokia Sleep

Nokia sleep

At an exhibition help a while ago this year, the Nokia company in Finland had the opportunity to present one of their newest designs – a flat pillow-like gadget called Sleep. Its purpose, as could be guessed from the name, is to track sleeping patterns, assess their quality and provide feedback tips regarding improvements and other necessary information. It achieves all this when placed under your pillow, or mattress. It can be used in conjunction with other home systems, or connect to the network and get synchronized with Health Mate, an application you can get on your smartphone to maximize the information acquired about sleep. Quite the efficient personal home assistant, it is set to kick off at a hundred dollars per piece in the nearest future.

Matrix PowerWatch X

Power watch x

Have you felt like there were times when having a phone, a fitness wristwatch, and a smartwatch were too many items to handle at once? Then this new design will put a smile on your face. Proudly made by the Matrix Industries, the PowerWatch X is like any other smartwatch, but with a twist. Its inbuilt technology not only serves as a fitness tracker but has the capacity to convert body heat into energy that charges the battery of the watch. That’s right; you get to recharge your own watch. Feeling cool yet?

This watch works perfectly with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and can also show phone alerts, and is set to go off for almost $280 per smartwatch.

L’Oréal UV Sense

Uv sense

It looks like the personal care giant is set to add its five-pence to the world of new technology. Their latest tech update features a miniature round sensor called the UV Sense. Its central idea is to keep its wearer aware when it comes to ultraviolet rays generated by sunlight. It is attached to the thumbnail, almost like any sticker. By using it with an NFC-enabled phone, the wearer gets to assess the harmfulness of UV rays per time. It is set to come in a kit which would include a special glue, designed to prolong its shelf life. Prices are still under discussion, but it is improbable that UV Sense would be hard to afford.

Myant Skiin

Myant skiin

Talk about a home assistant you can wear! Myant is a textile company based in Canada. They recently went a notch higher in their operations by devising the concept of ‘smart clothes’. Their foremost design is a series of male and female underwear and swimming trunks called Skiin. Skiin attire is fitted with body sensors that determine a person’s heart rate, weight, body temperature and hydration levels. The sensors are kept charged by small batteries fed from the network, which are easily extractable from the clothes.

Myant has also assured prospective customers that Skiin series would be compatible for use with a range of home systems, hence determining the sensor readings shouldn’t be an issue. For example, by working with home systems, Skiin underwear can automatically regulate the temperature of the room to suit the one of the body. Impressive!

Amazon Echo

Amazon echo

For those of us who are music lovers, there are times when we wished we could change the tracks without constantly running to our laptop or home system. This is quite useful especially in the wake of having to deal with too many items on your to-do list for the day, and needing some music to egg you on. Smart speakers are the gadgets that would help you achieve this. There is quite the sizeable collection to choose from, but our favorite pick is Amazon Echo, a second-generation smart speaker from Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon Echo is the ideal home assistant – beyond streaming the most popular music, its in-depth capabilities including a trove of ‘Skills” like ordering a ride, looking for the yummiest pizza orders and reading out cuisine recipes. Its comprehensive scope of ‘smart-home support’ and superior sound quality completes its appeal as the ultimate gadget to help you through the day’s tasks.

Other Available Gadgets

The current year’s tech advancement newbies include, but are not limited to the ones mentioned above (the smart clothes idea is genius). There are tons of other gadgets, including gaming consoles that are being redesigned to suit customer needs more appropriately. One thing is sure, though, this year’s updates are going to make it one of the most unique years for technology updates.

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