Understanding Different Types Of Esports

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You probably know a lot of things about esports and professional esports players right now. But, you still need to know about different types of these games and a few basics. All of that and so much more will be explained below. We must add that according to the esportbro.com, esports are becoming more and more popular and they will likely become the next big thing when it comes to online betting.

How Esports Betting Works?

The first thing you need to know is how esports work. These are video games that are played versus players. The best player will win and become a champion. Of course, there are multiple types and all of these work in the same way, but the games are completely different. You can play a first person shooter game or a strategy and compete. Don’t forget that there are games where many players play at the same time, but only one can be the winner.

Esports betting is basically a variation of sports betting. You are betting on the player who will win a match or a tournament. If he wins, you will win a bet. It is important to add that you are betting on a player in that game, not on the character or anything else. The situation is the same if you bet on tournaments. Players have odds and betting sites will base these on the success rate and several other factors.

4 Most Common Types Of Esports Games

It is crucial to know that there are different types of esports games. Here you will learn what games are considered esports and which types exist. In a nutshell, all games where players can play one versus other can be considered as sports. After all, there can be only one winner of the match. To get a better idea, here is a list of the best esports games at the moment.

· CS: Go

· Dota 2

· League of Legends

· Fortnite

· Call of Duty

· Rainbow Six Siege

Now when you know all about esports and which the best games are, lets us explain the main types. These are based on the genre of the game or how it is played. There are 4 main types and each one is completely different.

1. PvP (Player versus player)

PvP or player versus payer is precisely as the name suggests. This means that one or more humans will play versus one or more opponents, humans as well. To understand this better let’s take an example, Mortal Kombat. You will see that there are 2 players. Each one has a different character and they will fight on the screen. This is PvP type. In addition, if you play a similar game with your friend on the console at home, you are basically enjoying PvP gaming.

This type of esports has been very popular and it still is. However, in the recent period of time, it became less common among players. They moved to other types that will be discussed below. Most games used in this type are sports or combat games.

2. RTS (real time strategy)

Real-time strategy (RTS) is a variation of the aforementioned type. We still have two players playing the same game, but in this case, they will play a strategy. Some examples include Warcraft or StarCraft. Both players start with the same resources and play on the same map. The goal is to create the strongest empire and defeat the opponent.

In some cases we can see a map with multiple players. The number can go anywhere between 2 and 8 or even more. But, only one will become the best and win the match. When betting, you need to place a bet on a player who you think will win the game.

3. FPS (First person shooter)

First person shooter (FPS) is probably the most popular type at the moment and the most desirable. Here a player will lead one character in one game. The most popular games are CS: Go, Call of Duty, and many others. In a nutshell, a player will see the virtual world from the character’s perspective.

Here is are to see only two players competing. Usually, there are many more and each one is a man for himself. Only one can be the best player and win the match. We must add that these games are very appealing among all types of gamers and they are commonly played by beginners and professionals. There are plenty of weapons and maps to choose from, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

4. MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena)

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) may sound like a complicated type to explain but it is very simple. This is a variation of real time strategy. While in the RTS we usually have pone versus one player, here we have teams. For example, we can see a team of 4 players playing versus another team or other teams of the same number of gamers. The goal is to defend the level or a map and defeat the opponent.

The most popular games of this kind are League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of the Storm (HotS) but there are many others. An interesting advantage here is that all players, members of the same team must cooperate together and get the best game possible in order to win. This is also one of many reasons why this type of esports is so desirable among all kinds of players.

Understanding Esports Tournaments

You can see different bookmakers odds comparison for solo gaming and for tournaments. Here we will explain the tournaments present in the realm of esports. These are precisely as the name suggests. You will have a large event where hundreds of players will compete in one game and there will be one winner. There is massive betting involved and the winner will win a huge amount of money. Keep in mind that not all esports can be played in tournaments. Most common examples include CS: Go, League of Legends, and Dota 2.


Now you can understand and bet on esports like a pro. We have explained all the types and all the basics you need to know. Esports are virtual games where players will compete and win or lose. The best players are like celebrities. You can bet on those players and win money. There are 4 main types and many games that are commonly defined as esports. 

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